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Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Shopping and Sales!

What to do? It's Earth Day AND the day after we lost Prince. I'm wearing purple as I write this and will be following up this post with a Prince inspired piece to go live this weekend. So, for now, I'll focus on Earth Day. Why? Well, a sale at Coclico is a good reason. 

I love the idea of slow shopping: Creating more meaningful experiences and buying fewer pieces, shopping that is better for the world. This is why shops like Velouria hold a special place in my heart. That being said, it's a real commitment. And for me, and most of my clients, sustainable pieces are a, "nice to have" versus a "must have." When price, size and style come into play, sustainability often comes in last.

So, for today's Earth Day post, I wanted to offer up some realistic options to integrate some slow shopping into our lives. Off we go!


Baby Steps for Slow Shopping

Including Some of My Favorite Brands

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