My Favorite Things Right Now.

 See by Chloe Pointy Toe Ankle Boot. (Love it from the back, too!). Amazon. List price: $395 Now: $196.

Hello again, Dear Reader!


I've missed you. As a personal stylist, I work with clients to ensure a level of personal care. It's vital that we all take a step back, take some time to regroup and invest in ourselves. I couldn't face you if I didn't do the same. So thank YOU for your patience and support as I took a little break. I'm officially back full force and just in time for fall fashion. Let's begin with some of my favorite things right now.


My Favorite Things Right Now.

 Kate Spade New York Holland Analog Display Japanese Quartz Grey Watch. Amazon. List price: $175 Now: $144.

1. Amazon Fashion.

I know. Right? I have not been a huge fan of Amazon fashion in the past. The photos are not stellar and there is just too much there to browse and stumble upon something glorious. It is not for the faint of heart. HOWEVER, I am really into discovering something I love then finding it on Amazon Fashion. Even better? When I adore something that is just too pricey at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, I like to wait a season or two and keep checking Amazon. There's a strong chance I'll find it for a fraction of the cost and returns are effortless. I've seen my credit card credited hours after dropping the return package at the post office.


 Opening Ceremony Marny Double Face Pyramid Skirt. Opening Ceremony. Was: $395 Now: $119.

 Opening Ceremony Moodie Crepe Trousers. Opening Ceremony. Was: $315 Now: $95

2. Opening Ceremony.

As you likely know, Dear Reader, I'm not one for designer brands in general. But, like most of us, there are a few I simply adore. Vince is a favorite for a number of clients (an intimate Poplin party at Vince is scheduled for October. Make sure you are on the email list for a chance to attend and receive a discount!). Opening Ceremony, an off beat brand for sure, is another favorite of mine. Really, it all started when I purchased my Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony white patent leather platform clogs from Solestruck last year. Lately I find myself revisiting the sale page on a regular basis and recently picked up the coat of dreams for over 50% off the original price. If your personal style is a little bit daring, I'd encourage you to take a look. 


 Suede Effect Skirt. Zara. $69.

3. The Continuation of the 70's Trend.

Wide leg and flared jeans, thin scarves tied around your neck, a little suede and even the return of the high neck mark some of the milestones we revisit with the continuation of the 70's trend. I'm into it, for sure. And, as a woman with a triangle body shape, the silhouettes flatter my body, which makes me especially happy.


 Coola Makeup Setting Spray with Green Tea & Aloe. Cool. $36.

4. Coola Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30.

So good! I've been carrying this bottle of spray with me everywhere for over a month now. It keeps your makeup in place AND has SPF 30 to keep the sun away. It's true, fall is right around the corner. But, the sun is always with us. Let's face it, you can never have too many ways to protect yourself from UV rays throughout the year.

5. Alt Country.

Do you ever rediscover music and wonder how you let it slip away in the first place? There are a million names for the genre of music that includes the Old 97's, Ryan Adams, Wilco and the like. Whatever they are, I'm into it. Even the best day is better after listening to Too Far to Care.


 Brocade Skirt. H&M. Was: $30 Now: $15.

 Brocade Blossom Mini Dress. Anthropologie. $448.

6. Brocade.

I can't tell you how excited I am to see brocade coming back. Here's a little confirmation from Vogue. My vintage brocade dresses never leave my closet. Sure, I go through phases when I'm thrilled to bring them back into the rotation and other times I am simply not feeling like balancing the fabric that can potentially lean towards old lady. That being said, every one garners endless compliments and the stiff fabric is so flattering when clingy options simply won't do. If you are drawn to the texture but hesitant because of the resemblance to upholstery, fear not. Make sure to balance it with modern touches. Current footwear is essential to any look with brocade in the mix. So, don't go with your "perfectly fine shoes." Instead, try it with your most recent and daring purchase. The more sex appeal here, the better.


 The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Powell's. $17.

7. The Japanese Art of Tidying Up.

That Marie Condo is all they say she is. After hearing about this magic from several clients, I dove in and purchased the audio book. It only took 4 hours and inspired an immediate closet edit. In fact, the experience has caused me to integrate some of her techniques into closet edits for clients after trying the approach myself. You'll find yourself quickly discovering how many things you own that simply don't bring you joy. 


 Vacation hair courtesy of my very talented 13 year old niece. Instagram- @Poplinstyle

8. Braids.

My obsession with braids continues. If I had the skills, I'm pretty sure I'd be rocking some sort of a braid everyday. Keep things a little bit messy with a polished look overall as to avoid a hippy vibe. If you are interested in learning how to execute all the latest trends in braiding, check out Allure Magazine's video tutorials or this super comprehensive guide: how to curl your hair. 


 Rivka Friedman 18K Rose Gold Clad Bypass Ribbon Ring. Nordstrom Rack. Was: $190 Now: $30.

 14th and Union Linked Curved Bangle. Nordstrom Rack. $15.

 Canyon Hoop Earrings in Brass or Silver by KnuckleKiss. KnuckleKiss. $54.

9. A life sans necklaces.

For the past several months I've largely neglected my necklaces. It's all metals and mixed metals for me. Bracelets, rings, watches and earrings are filling my heart with joy. Because I have a triangle body type, I should really make sure to draw attention up top, so this change in behavior is risky. However, it's always best to follow your intuition. Wearing sunglasses, bold earrings and/or eye-catching makeup can ensure the look still works for someone like me who carries her weight on the bottom. I've had pretty good luck lately finding styles that mimic artisan jewelry for a tiny fraction of the price. I'm especially excited about Nordstrom Rack online. Start with 14th and Union!

That being said, there is some extraordinary jewelry being made right here in the PNW that you are sure to keep for years and years. I recently picked up a pair of earrings at Velouria in Pioneer Square made by Seattle Designer KnuckleKiss. The level of craftsmanship is superb. The line features unexpected design elements and pieces are priced very reasonably for the level of skill needed to make them. 


 Hopelink- Helping People. Changing Lives.

10. The Hopelink Luncheon with Alton Brown.

I don't know about the rest of you, but Alton Brown is one of the biggest celebrities at our house. So, when my invitation to the Hopelink Luncheon announced that the food guru would be speaking in support of ending hunger, I registered immediately. If you are on the east side and want to make the world a better place while enjoying some time in the presence of genius, here's your chance. 

So many favorite things! So little time. I'm excited to be back and thank YOU, Dear Reader, for reading the blog. Enjoy your weekend and expect regular posts again starting now!


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