This post will change your life.

 A little inspiration from Baby and Company's Blog.

Let's talk about how successful you are. 

I have a very strong suspicion that you, Dear Reader, are pretty successful. Unfortunately, experience tells me that the person who is least likely to know that is... you. Take a moment and step back. Look at yourself from the outside, as if you were an acquaintance making assumptions about your life.

You've probably got a pretty good career. Are you working in a coal mine? Are you frantically working each month to scrape together enough cash to pay the rent? Right. 

Do you actually enjoy most of the people you work with each day? Are you pretty interested in the subject matter of your work? Are you pretty good at it? I thought so.

Let's talk about your personal life. Do you have friends you can call when things aren't going very well? Someone to turn to when things are a mess?

How about one or more folks that actually surprise and delight you? People who challenge you and help you learn and grow. If you have at least a few individuals who build you up instead of taking you down, I'd say that's success.

Now that we've established that things are going pretty well, and that in the grand scheme of life you are more successful than you sometimes give yourself credit for, let's talk about how much you invest in yourself. As a personal stylist, this comes up frequently. It's common for us to ensure that various aspects of our lives reflect our success, but usually, those aspects are limited to our homes and cars, and maybe a Facebook update about some trip somewhere exciting. Rarely do clothes fall into that category. I once told a client that the difference between one of her pairs of jeans and a nicer, second pair was about $15,000 a year. Which one do you own? Yeah, I thought so. You are doing better than you allow yourself to accept.

Where am I going with this? The Baby & Company Closet Sale. That's where I'm going.

Baby & Company is that magnificent store on 1st and Virginia that you either haven't walked into or, if you have, promptly walked out of after seeing the price point. I'd urge you, successful woman, not to do that. 

On a recent visit, owner Jill Donnelly said to me, "Our goal is to help you have a sensory experience. All five senses should be engaged." Go in. Engage. Try things on.

"Our customer is at a different level, intellectually. She doesn't need the 'it' product. She knows who she is and doesn't let the market decide her style." 

Baby & Company is filled with unexpected designers with high quality pieces. Donnelly explains that while these are investment pieces, they are not intended to be precious. You should be able to wear them repeatedly for years. In fact, on the day of our interview, she was rocking pants that she's owned for over 10 years — and they still looked incredible. 

"Quality over quantity. Buy few and buy well."

Back to you, Dear Reader. Jumping into this price point could actually be an indulgence you've never given yourself. If so, this is the place to explore that. If not, there's no need to wait. Every year Baby & Company holds their Closet Sale filled with pre-owned designer pieces curated from customer closets. 10% of the proceeds go to the Mockingbird Society. (Baby & Company is highly engaged with the community, which also makes me a fan.) Last year the sale raised more than $60,000. 

So, mark your calendar. Grab one of those very supportive friends of yours and get ready to invest in something that you deserve and will wear repeatedly. Remember, Dear Reader: you are that successful.



The sale will not be held at Baby and Company, but instead at:

616 Olive Way (between 6th and 7th Ave)

Thursday, August 13th through Wednesday, August 19th
Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm
Sunday, 12pm – 5pm

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