It's all about self care.

Well hello, Dear Reader. It's been too long. But, not to worry, you've been on my mind.

You may have noticed that the blog posts have decreased recently. That's because it is August. This time of year is devoted to planning for next year and ensuring work/ life balance. Translation: vacation.

The work that is taking place now is all about prioritizing for the next 18 months. I'm weighing events, creating content, goals and of course, focusing on client needs and desires. It's an exciting time over here in Poplin land. 

However, a less than stellar result of all the planning and vacationing is the decrease in blog posts. With this in mind, I'll be reposting some of my very favorite blog posts from the distant past. You'll also see some of my most popular (and still relevant) posts again. And, I have features on a few local makers to throw in the mix. Plus. you can check out Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

Expect things to come back full force in September. There's much to share for you this fall. Until then, enjoy the posts and the sunshine!