Are You Missing Something?

Happy Thursday, Dear Reader!

I'm enthusiastically working on the upcoming Poplin Style Direction newsletter and something occurred to me: maybe you aren't going to see it.

Oh, Dear. How's that possible? It could be anything. Maybe you don't want emails cluttering up your inbox or you didn't realize there was a newsletter. Perhaps you thought you were on the list, but now that you think about it, you've never received anything. The options are seemingly endless. In the event that you need a little nudging, here are some reasons to get on board. Go!

5 Reasons to Receive Emails From Poplin

 A newsletter from April, 2015.

1. You like the blog.

If you read this blog with any regularity, and it sure seems like you do, why not ensure you are seeing blog recaps AND fresh content from Poplin Style Direction? After all, as your very own personal stylist, you can rest assured that I have more ideas than I can possibly share all in one place. If you receive the newsletter, you can rest assured you are in the loop. Unsure? Check out a recent newsletter for proof. 

 Forever obsessed with the re-souL collection.

2. You like free stuff.

That's right. One of my very favorite things is to share. And through my relationships with local makers, boutiques and all around compelling businesses, I have the opportunity to share with you. If you are on the Poplin Style email list, you are entered into every drawing, every time. We've given away a $200 gift card to the Finerie CoLAB, a pair of shoes or boots from re-souL, handmade jewelry from Jill Griffin Jewelry, an oh so chic handbag made from recycled leather from Recology, a free styling Poplin styling session plus $200 to spend at local retailer TomboyX, discounts on lashes from the Lash Factory, a free Uber Wishlist from Poplin and so much more. And, oh yeah, you get a little thank you when you sign up. Really, you should be on the list

 This is when I do my happy dance.

3. You appreciate a reasonable amount of emails.

That's right. The newsletter comes out every other week or so. Not every day. Not every week and not just once a quarter. You get the information and ideas you need to take you into the coming weeks with style. 

 Zara: The morning of the grand opening press preview.

 With t he exceptionally kind and helpful Sami Mazloum, Men's Director for West Coast, Zara Menswear. FYI- That rope necklace was a gift from my husband purchased at Velouria. It makes me happy every time I see it.

4. You like to be in the know.

If you are the kind of person who hearing that local maker of hip clothing for kids, Holt and Lulu is now carried at Nordstrom, first-hand details about the Seattle's own Zara Flagship store before it opened to the public, or interviews with national influencers like Bluemercury's Founder Marla Malcom Beck, you love the newsletter. 

From the Exclusive Event at the Limited Southcenter: Yes! You can wear this shirt (on clearance, by the way) with these super awesome shorts. And no, I do not accept that you don't look great in shorts. I'm wearing a romper, after all. 

5. You like to be invited.

Yes! Poplin does have periodic events at local retailers. However, they are often exclusive. That means that if you are a client or on the Poplin email list, you are invited to events like the recent shopping (hello discounts!) and styling extravaganza at the Limited. 

 With Joel Feldman and Clara Miller at the THRIVE Luncheon. Two people who's seemingly endless generosity exceeds their overwhelming enthusiasm.

5. You care about the world.

Here's the thing. I LOVE clothes. I also LOVE supporting the community. And, I see absolutely no reason that those things should should be mutually exclusive. You can care about how you look and care about the homeless. You can covet the latest handbag and also volunteer to support kids in your community. If you feel the same way, the newsletter keeps you up to date on ways to do both

There you have it. Sign up. Because you can. Because you want to. Because you'll be glad you did.