Summer Workwear - Plus Size Edition

 Embroidered Shift Dress. ASOS. $117.79

Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. Like what you read? Jordan's research on Sizeism was featured in an article in the Everett Herald? Check it out!  

Hello Dear Readers,

If you caught my last post I went over some styling tips for the warmer months since summer can be a rather challenging season to dress in. I touched on tricks to minimize or maximize parts of the body to make you as comfortable as possible. In summer there is an added challenge of dressing cooler but also appropriately for ones' workplace. Therefore, I've decided to offer summer styling ideas for various work places. Enjoy!


Your Summer Work Wardrobe


Client Based Corporate.

Whether you are a feisty lawyer, a savvy PR consultant, or a enigmatic real estate agent, you are meeting and greeting all sorts of people every day. So it would stand to reason that each day you are going to want to put a professional and confident foot forward with your wardrobe. This great wiggle dress as ASOS is friendly, fresh and still demure with its modest neckline and almost midi hem. Approachable and confident!

 Floral Textured Wiggle Dress. ASOS. $86.99


Fashion Professional.

For those of us in the retail or fashion word, trendy clothes and risk-taking ensembles are a bit more common place. There is a bit more room for experimentation. Although it is important to keep things workplace appropriate. This jumpsuit is artsy, on-trend, and light for the warmer months. Throw on a white linen cardigan or blazer for meetings or drinks!

 'Taryn' Print V-Neck Jumpsuit. Nordstrom. $176.00


Corporate Finance.

 Studio Milan Crepe Blazer. $110.90

Offices with a conservative dress code are not a reason to give up the opportunity to express yourself through your clothes. This is just a bigger challenge to find ways of expressing your personality in a stricter environment. This lightweight crepe blazer with great double layer detailing adds a bit more interest and modernity as a suit topper or thrown over your favorite dress.


Creative Professional.

Photographers, stylists, freelance artists, graphic designers, writers, editors, filmmakers; this category probably has the greatest amount of leeway in what is acceptable to wear to work. Out-there patterns, wacky color combos and daring shoes find a home in these offices. The new Lela Rose collaboration at Lane Bryant is the perfect mix of modern, artsy and classy for the creative lady making a name for herself. This dress is my favorite from the collection and is oh so flattering for women with larger chests as well as those with more rectangular shapes.

 Graphic Print Sateen Dress. Lane Bryant. $128.00


 Gondola Graphic Pencil Skirt. Forever 21+. $17.90

This male-dominated industry tends to be defined by jeans and hoodies. However like my dad always told me, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." So even if you work in a jeans and t-shirt environment, consider jazzing things up with a patterned pencil skirt when you are going to see the boss or if your job is external facing. Let your clothes communicate that you are looking for more! Not going to lie, I love that this skirt comes with a matching crop top, plus you cannot beat the price- under 20$! 


Well I hope this inspires you a bit to mix up your summer work wear and delve into the possibilities of color, texture, pattern and work appropriateness. There is so much fun stuff coming out to play with- from patterned kimonos, fun gaucho pants in striking textures and phenomenal strapped sandals; just have fun with it.

Happy Shopping