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How Do I Style White Shoes?

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In the very early stages of Poplin, I won a pair of shoes (of my choice!) from one of my very favorite retailers, the now defunct SoleStruck. I really wanted a pair of giant platform clogs. They were the result of a collaboration between Opening Ceremony and Chloe Sevigny. What could be better. There were two options: black leather or white patent leather. I was on the fence, but kept coming back to the white and since they were free, I decided to take the plunge. At the time, white shoes seemed like insanity. Naturally, there were few places to look for style inspiration and I found myself experimenting with them with much success. In fact, this blog post details that journey. 

That experience was just the beginning of my white shoe phase. Next up, platform white Birkenstocks, white sneakers and so many others. My latest love is my white pair of Vince slides. As a personal stylist who works with real women using pieces in their existing collection or purchased using their actual budgets, it's vital that I know how to maximize pieces for my clients. White shoes and the challenges of styling them have come up often. That brings us to white shoes. They are ubiquitous, so if you don't already have a pair, you soon will. Now, let's make sure you know how to wear them so you get the most out of this hot trend. Off we go!


5 Ways to Style White Shoes

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I'd Hate for You to Miss Out.

The beauty of technology is that I can see that you, Dear Reader, come back to read the blog over and over again. Thank YOU. Sometimes you come from Facebook. Sometimes you come straight to the blog via your RSS Feed or a bookmark. Boy, do I appreciate it. 

What I can also see is that a very small portion of you are receiving Poplin emails. Why? Don't want emails cluttering your inbox? Concerned that the email is simply a recap of blog posts gone by? Oh, no. Having just emailed a newsletter this morning, it seems evident that I should offer up support for the email list from your local personal stylist.

One more thing, in honor of Memorial Day, I'm including photos of some of my favorite red, white and blue pieces because, why not?

I digress. Here we go.

5 Reasons YOU Need Emails from Poplin

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