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Everything You Need to Get You Into the Pool in the Perfect Swimwear for YOUR Body

I recently had some readers mention to me how much they love insight about finding the ideal swimwear. We started chatting and it occurred to me that I've written quite a bit on this topic over the years. As a resourceful personal stylist for women in Seattle, I decided to Google PoplinStyle and Bathing Suit. Remember- if you have questions, Poplin probably has answers. And three years in, there's a whole lot of content on the interweb. So, here are some tips I thought you'd enjoy. Feel free to Google PoplinStyle and any topic and let me know how it goes. If you still can't find what you need, please reach out. Perhaps a blog post is in order! 

Enjoy the sunshine!

4 Helpful Resources to Help You Find the Perfect Swimsuit

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The Modern Sexy Librarian.

As a personal stylist, I've discovered that there are several archetypes that come up over and over. Clients reference a look they've always loved, whether or not they channel that when getting dressed. Sometimes, the goal is to get there. That's what I'm here for. Other times, they just like elements of the aesthetic and wonder how to integrate those in small parts into their daily looks. Well, Dear Reader. I live for this stuff. 

So, today, it's all about the sexy librarian. Yes, this can go so many ways. But today, I'm heading toward a feminine woman who isn't afraid to be feminine. She's confident. She knows her stuff. And, she's a little bit unconventional. Enjoy!


Channeling the Sexy Librarian in Your Look

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