The Modern Sexy Librarian.

As a personal stylist, I've discovered that there are several archetypes that come up over and over. Clients reference a look they've always loved, whether or not they channel that when getting dressed. Sometimes, the goal is to get there. That's what I'm here for. Other times, they just like elements of the aesthetic and wonder how to integrate those in small parts into their daily looks. Well, Dear Reader. I live for this stuff. 

So, today, it's all about the sexy librarian. Yes, this can go so many ways. But today, I'm heading toward a feminine woman who isn't afraid to be feminine. She's confident. She knows her stuff. And, she's a little bit unconventional. Enjoy!


Channeling the Sexy Librarian in Your Look


1. Embracing the Stereotype with Glasses.

Of course I know that glasses do not translate to intellect. Nor, are they a required component of the librarian look. However, they are so amazing! Can we just talk about how far frames have come? And, if you aren't shopping at Warby Parker, you are really  missing out. The frames are affordable and you can try on several pair before deciding. The internet. What a magical invention. Personally, I'm loving transparent frames, especially those with a tint of color. Don't be afraid to go for something unexpected. They are so affordable, you can swap your frames out regularly. Need some tips on shape? This past blog post might help. 

 Chelsea Eyeglasses in Grapefruit Soda. Two colors available. Warby Parker. Starting at $95.


2. You're Quirky. Just Own It.

Style is all about expressing who you are. Unconventional elements like these dinosaur earrings are the way to go. Subtle, easy to pair and not the focal point of your outfit, this communicates your interests without saying a word. Shhh. Quiet in the library. 

 Golden Cute Dinosaur 3 Pack Earrings. Choies. Was: $9 Now: $5.

3. Make Sure You Are Current.

The sexy librarian from our youth is not the sexy librarian of today. Make sure you are keeping things modern with current trends. This fall you'll be seeing lots of turtlenecks. I love a shorter top to show off your mid section without having to tuck in your top or add a belt. This option is ideal with the Warby Parker frames above and the rest of the pieces in this post. 

 Turtleneck Midi Tank. Anthropologie. $89.

4. A Great Blazer.

When you are going with an archetype, you need all the elements. As far as I'm concerned, jackets are king right now. Blazers, leather jackets, trench coats, vests. If you can find a jacket to layer with your ensemble, you are better for it. Try something that has the characteristics of a neutral without being forgettable. I like anything that resembles denim or chambray as it works with everything and isn't as harsh as black. Plus, it allows you to integrate brown, grey, black, etc. into the mix so you aren't struggling to find the right pair of shoes. Let's hear it for elbow patches.

 Blazer With Elbow Patches. Zara. $99.

5. A Show Stopper.

Are you seeing this? Truth be told, this entire post was inspired by this breathtaking skirt. If you can't use your actual voice (or at least it needs to be at a whisper), then your clothes must do the talking for you. This skirt is sure to be in your closet for years. Leave it to the master to come up with such a piece.

 DVF Melita Suede Skirt. DVF (as in Diane von Furstenberg). $798.

6. Sexy (and still functional) Ankle Boots. 

Academia always reminds me of the fall. And fall fashion equals boots. Ankle boots are still the go-to. I continue to be obsessed with any boot that has an eye-catching heel. Whether it is metallic, wood or an unusual shape, you really can't go wrong. These are just perfect to complete the look.

 Laminated Leather High Heel Ankle Boot. Zara. $139.

7. A Functional & Hip Backpack.

Today's woman is carrying her laptop and that can mean challenges when it comes to finding the ideal bag. You know me. So, you know I'm always going to suggest a stylish larger bag with a clutch or crossbody inside. But, let's say you are a backpack kind of girl. There's no need to sacrifice your style. I'm all about the bags from Everlane. Each of the options below are minimalist, affordable and are designed to hold your laptop. Plus, they are water resistant. 

 The Modern Zip Backpack Mini. Available in multiple color combinations. Everlane. $58. (Fits a 13 inch Macbook.)

 The Modern Snap Backpack. Available in multiple color combinations. Everlane. Fits 15 inch Macbook.

 The Modern Commuter Backpack. Available in multiple color combinations. Everlane. $68. Padded laptop sleeve fits 15 inch Macbook.

8. Accessories for Smart Girls.

So, I recognize that this one might seem out of left field. But, I adore it, so I'm including it anyway. Here's the thing, a bright, interesting person is able to communicate her overall awesomeness is many ways. She can use her words, her clothes and if she's willing to take it to the next level, she can do this through her.... wait for it.... beach towel. Bam! This one is a copy of the classic Pendleton National Parks Blanket. I know. Right?! Any sexy Northwest Librarian I know can appreciate the National Parks. Okay, I just made that up. But, the one in my head agrees with me. 

 Pendleton National Parks Beach Towel. Available in multiple colors, patterns. Backcountry. $49.

And there you have it. As always, let me know what you think about this post and any others. If you find something you decide to buy, good for you! Hooray! Huzzah! That feels great. In that case, please remember to click through the image to the retailer's site as Poplin may receive a commission on your purchase. Enjoy yourself out there in the world. I'm here when you need me.