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Prince-Inspired Pieces that are Authentic to Your Personal Style

Many years ago a friend hooked me up with $10 tickets to see Prince at Key Arena the same night. I bought them at 3 in the afternoon, just hours before the show. It was the Musicology Tour. I was working in an office filled with really wonderful people who had families and lived in the suburbs. Naturally, while they seemed to share my enthusiasm, none of them had any intention of going to the show. After much frustration, I interrupted a meeting and made a big speech about how missing Prince would look to their children. "Do you want your children to look at you the way you look at your parents who missed the Beatles? If you want your kids to think you are moderately cool years from now, you need to see this show tonight." Three of them gave into my pressures and off we went. 

Needless to say, it was amazing. 

So as we blast Prince from our speakers, let's let him, the fashion icon and musical genius influence us yet again. Here's a collection of pieces* that remind me of him and still remind me of you, Dear Reader. Heading to work or running around with the family while looking hip, wearing clothes that are functional and owning your style words. In the words of the man himself,  "Your always walking your way." 

Prince in Your Closet

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