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Because French Kids are Just as Glamorous as French Women.

We had the pleasure of spending the evening surrounded by French people... in Seattle. It was lovely. In fact, the entire experience felt like a vacation. It began with local beer at Standard Brewing on South Jackson. The beer is brewed on site and the ambiance is reminiscent of my neighborhood bar in Brooklyn. (Rest assured, they have growlers to go when you are short on time.) Then, off to a spectacular dinner on the patio at Marjorie in Capitol Hill. (Any restaurant with a turntable in the restroom and a shaded outdoor patio is the place for me.) Really, it was the perfect evening to celebrate our very good friend who happens to also be French. 

The entire event reminded me of our country's obsession with French women. We celebrate our impression that they take great pride in how they look and insist on continuing to find time for themselves after they have children. It's not easy, as we all know. So, it's certainly logical that we'd be big fans of this behavior. 

They also seem to manage dressing their children in clothing that most adults would be thrilled to own. As your very own personal stylist for women and kids, I had to ask: where does it all come from? Thanks to my good friend and birthday girl, Helen, here are some suggestions if you'd like your child's fashion to be a little more French-inspired.

Even better? They are both having massive sales right now.


Helen's Favorite French Retailers for Kids

(and the Rest of Your Family, too)

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This is where I shop.

As a personal stylist for women and kids, people are always asking me to list my favorite retailers. Here's the thing: where I like to shop for myself may not be the place I'd send you. After all, it's all about identifying your personal style, not trying to make you embrace mine. 

That being said, I do have a lengthy list of retailers that I adore and send clients to on the regular. Interested?

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Do Hip Light Up Shoes for Kids Exist?

I often hear people discussing the highs and lows of parenting. One frequent topic is managing/ supporting/ understanding your child's style choices. Every parent has a different take on this topic and most have several anecdotes to support their point of view. 

As a stylist for kids and the parent of a child with a very strong sense of his style identity, I can relate. So, when my son recently asked me for light up shoes, my heart sank. After all, it's important that he can express himself through his clothes if he chooses to. After all, that's what his father and I do. But, those light up shoes are just, well, ugh.

Obviously, this was a personal challenge and I was ready for it. I went on a mission to find super cool light up shoes. And, my Dear Reader, I succeeded! As your very own personal stylist (for kids and women) I had to share. Enjoy!


Light Up Sneakers for Cool (toddler, little and big) Kids

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