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Do Hip Light Up Shoes for Kids Exist?

I often hear people discussing the highs and lows of parenting. One frequent topic is managing/ supporting/ understanding your child's style choices. Every parent has a different take on this topic and most have several anecdotes to support their point of view. 

As a stylist for kids and the parent of a child with a very strong sense of his style identity, I can relate. So, when my son recently asked me for light up shoes, my heart sank. After all, it's important that he can express himself through his clothes if he chooses to. After all, that's what his father and I do. But, those light up shoes are just, well, ugh.

Obviously, this was a personal challenge and I was ready for it. I went on a mission to find super cool light up shoes. And, my Dear Reader, I succeeded! As your very own personal stylist (for kids and women) I had to share. Enjoy!


Light Up Sneakers for Cool (toddler, little and big) Kids

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