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The Modernized 70's- Plus Size Edition

Editor's note: Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. 

Hello Dear Reader,

As fall encroaches on our summer I am sure you are noticing the magazines and stores beginning to bear a striking resemblance to store fronts, fabrics and prints of the 1970's. Now dear reader, whether you have already lived through the 70's and its fashion extravaganza, or you missed it, this fall seems to be bringing the whole tidal wave back again. So how do you survive it!? Whether you are a fan of suede and fringe, or not, there is ways to inch around the biggest trend of the cooler months, or dive right in.

Personally, my favorite parts of the revival are layered flapper fringed dresses, the color orange, and long flare jean with platforms. Other highlights are long duster coats in various fabric textures and weights, suede for days, itsy ditsy floral print, shift dresses, acid colors with neutrals, and mock turtlenecks. So what may work best for you? I've cultivated some of the highlights of the next season and matched them to some tricky styling points to ease you back into shag carpeting.



Athletic Thighs + Long Flares + Platforms = Legs for Days

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