What Boots to Own + What to Wear Them With.

 Black contrast blue block heel sock boots. River Island. $110.

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Finally! Rain! I always feel like I'd like the sunshine to last all year long; but when the first signs of boot season really kick in, I can't help but be elated. This is also the time of year that I hear a sea of questions from clients and readers about what boots to wear and how to pair them. Wonder no more. Here's a jam packed post with the answers you need for Fall 2017 thanks to your very own personal stylist for women. Go!

11 Options for Your Fall 2017 Boot Collection

  TOPSHOP  Million Snake Print Sock Boot. Nordstrom Rack. Was: $150. Now: $74.

 GIA COUTURE Black & Blue Satin Sock Booties. Century 21. Was: $450. Now: $219.

1. Sock.

I'm wearing these right now. Sock boots are a dream if you have high arches and struggle to get into some high boots or if your calves are especially large or small. Sock boots mold right to your shape. 

Pair with: Midi skirts or dresses (anything that shows off the shape of the boot), wide length full length pants (that hide the sock look), cropped pants (that also show off the sock feature). 

2. Over the knee.

 Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Logan Over-The-Knee Boots. Anthropologie. $198.

  Dolce Vita Neely Over The Knee Boot. Available in two colors. Nordstrom Rack. Was: $200. Now: $89.

If you never thought you'd wear over the knee boots, just take a step back and remember when you thought you'd never wear skinny jeans or jumpsuits. Now, head on over to try a pair. I vote for a flat or low heel pair to tone it down a bit as you enter into this world. Remember, these are flat, low heeled, block heeled (aka comfortable boots) that cover the majority of your leg aka they are warm. Turns out this is a super functional approach. 

Pair with: Leggings of a different fabric/ texture than the boot. For example, leather or suede boots aren't ideal when paired with leather or suede leggings. (You'll be seeing shiny leggings similar to spandex and velvet leggings this year.) Keep things simple when you are putting together this look. Also try with a midi or shorter skirt. Heavy shorts can pair nicely if you are also wearing hosiery of some sort. 

 ASOS CIANNA Suede Slouch Cone Heel Boots. ASOS. $127.

 BOXER High Leg Boots. Available in three colors. Topshop. $190.

3. Slouched.

As we slowly move back to knee high options, the slouched boot which is remeniscent of both the 80's and the boho look depending on styling are coming back. Go for a heel, especially a pointed or western option. 

Pair with: Floral flowy skirt or dress, over skinny jeans, with an asymmetrical dress. 


4. 80's Inspired.

I've said it before, this year there are a whole lot of 80's inspired looks out there. Choose carefully and you'll have fun and find new inspiration in old looks. Whether the boots are pointy toe or slouched knee, think Blondie or Pat Benetar more than Tiffany at the mall. 

Pair with: Something more modern so you avoid the costumey vibe. Minimalist dresses, jeans and a tee, asymmetrical sweaters or sweatshirts. 

 Rag & Bone WALKER BOOT. Revolve. $475.

 Coclico LISELI BOOTIE. Coclico. $410.

 ETTA ANKLE BOOTS. Available in two colors. Boden. $190.

 Jeffrey Campbell RAGINI. Jeffrey Campbell. $145.

5. Ankle.

Your tried and true ankle boots are still a solid choice. 

Pair with: The old stand-bys: Jeans, cropped pants or jeans, midi dresses, tunics, long sleeve dresses, flowy floral options, culottes. 

 Rachel Comey Lin Booties. Available in two colors. Shopbop. $448.

 MOMA 82701. re-souL. $410.

6. Unusual eye-catching heel.

These will bring you so much joy. Whether you are going for lucite, metal, faux fur or just an unexpected shape, the interesting heel on a pair of boots is sure to draw compliments and elevate your look. 

Pair with: Something more minimalist to balance the look or go full force with the more is more approach and add prints that pull out the colors in the heel. Also, consider mimicing the same look with your accessories as the heel of the boot. For example, a clear lucite heel with clear lucite bracelets. 

 Dolce Vita Ethan Pointy Toe Bootie. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $285.

7. Pointy toe.

You know how obsessed I am with this look. I stocked up a few months ago at Zara and have never looked back. I'm willing to bet you'll be seeing just how much I adore pointy toe boots in my social feeds throughout the fall and winter. Why? Well, I like variety and frankly, I was ready for a big change when it comes to boots. Something that works in the Northwest weather but isn't uneventful. I've found them!

Pair with: Dresses, jumpsuit, skirts with textured tights, fishnets or sheer black or navy hosiery. Or with cropped jeans or pants. 


 Opening Ceremony 'Zloty' Round Toe Bootie. Nordstrom. $450.

8. Mid calf.

This is an awkward height for many women. "I feel like it cuts me off." Well, it does. How does it feel to be right?

Pair with: If you want to avoid that feeling of cutting you off, pair them with hosiery of the same color. This will elongate your legs. Or try them with a midi skirt that just hits the top of the boot or hides the top of the boot altogether. Alternatively, accept that they make you look a bit shorter and just embrace it. Try them over culottes, cropped flare jeans, skinnies, boyfriend jeans rolled up to reveal the boot, etc. You've got this. 

 Blondo Olivia Knee High Boot. Available in two colors. Nordstrom. Was: $285. Now: $169.

9. All Weather option.

Let's be real. Some days the weather is so dreary you just don't feel like bothering and yet, she persisted. Try an all weather over the knee boot for maximum awesomeness. Great for folks who commute by bus or walking, when you toss your coat over top you will stay nice and dry without sacrificing your style. If you spend time doing quick trips to the bus stop then back home for work or play, a short pair of stylish waterproof boots might be just what you need. Or a rubber option if you need something that can get muddy then go right into the washing machine. 

Pair with: Don't throw in the towel simply because you are going for your all weather boots. Wear something awesome, then bring it down to a functional, casual, effortless style with the all weather boots. If I'm working from home for the day and it's crazy cold outside, I go to a midi dress and over the knee weatherproof boots to run my son to school. A great coat seals the deal for a stylish look that literally takes me 2 minutes to put on. In the time he packs his backpack, I'm ready to go. Otherwise, jeans and a hip sweater and coat are a great option. If you are doing an over the knee boot, leggings can work, too. Just keep the rest of the look elevated. If you throw on lipstick or earrings you'll be shocked at the difference in your overall appearance. 


 Jeffrey Campbell FIORI. Jeffrey Campbell. $220.

10. Luxurious fabric or texture. 

Velvet is everywhere this fall and shoes are no different. A couple of seasons ago my adventurous client Julie went for brocade ankle boots. They were perfect to integrate her 70's rock and roll vibe into an otherwise polished, professional look. This season there's more of that. Embroidered boots, faux fur, it's a sea of unexpected fabrics and if that's your jam, you'll be one happy lady.

Pair with: Jeans and a basic tee or cashmere sweater are a way to pull this look in slowly. Finish things off with a great coat that coordinates the look. Alternatively, pair with a silk jumpsuit, a shift dress or a sheath option. Add sheer black hosiery to make it feel polished. 

And there we have it. I don't expect you to run out and buy ten new pairs of boots. But, my hope is that you'll find some direction and inspiration in this list to start your fall shopping off right. Have questions or thoughts? Reach out! 

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