6 Places to Get the Best Retail Customer Service in the Seattle Area.

As a personal stylist for women, I spend a LOT of time in stores, on websites, talking with folks about clothes and so much more. It's a whole lot of fun and it also makes me feel like I'm bursting with information to share on any given day. My work goes in waves. Sometimes more clients will choose Uber Wishlists and I'll be online quite a bit. Other times, shopping is the preferred way to go and I'll be in retailers all over the area for hours on end. After all, I pre-shop before the client arrives so the pieces are waiting for her to try on with me there to offer guidance and feedback. 

In recent months, I've had several questions about my favorite places to shop. Really, that question is complicated. Am I shopping for myself, for a client, just for inspiration? I can find great pieces at some locations but less than desirable service. So, while I'd go there to support a client's goals, I wouldn't send her there on her own knowing that she won't get the best service to help her meet her needs. This brings me to today's blog post. It's hard to find great service. And, while many of us may enjoy online shopping, there are always times when we just want to run out and pick something up for an upcoming occasion. As a client, I can be there to help. If you are a member of the Poplin community, I'd like to offer my assistance, as well. So, here, my Dear Reader, is the list of my very favorite places in the area for stellar service. And if you want it to be even better, tell them I sent you. Wondering if this is paid for by someone or secret product placement? Nope. These are 100% my favorites with no outside influence or payment. I hope you enjoy them!

6 Best Places for

Great Customer Service in the Seattle Area. 

  Christian Louboutin Disco Floral Velvet Red Sole Bootie. Neiman Marcus. $895.


1. Neiman Marcus aka Neiman's at the Bravern.

If you haven't been, Neiman's is like Nordstrom on steroids. An extraordinary customer-focused approach. The staff isn't pretentious (as some might guess), instead they are truly driven to offer great service. Neiman's is slow paced with the entire store working together to ensure you have the best experience possible. Tailoring can be done with a very quick turnaround. Be ready to spend time and money. (I especially love Raiven, but I'm confident that any staffer will treat you right.) 

 Klayton Dress. Club Monaco. $269.

2. Club Monaco downtown.

I can go on about Jordan and the team all day long. Expect personalized service, swift follow up on any pieces that aren't in store and much more. Club Monaco offers clothing for men and women and the sales are tremendous. Last year, I bought my husband a winter coat for Christmas there that turned out to be the wrong size. When I went to exchange it, there weren't any left in the company. A resourceful member of the team thought there might still be something available in Florida or another warm state that would likely not sell many coats. She was right! And I received a call within 5 minutes of leaving the store that the coat was headed my way. With a new location across from Pacific Place the number of choices has increased dramatically, too.


3. Vixen Day Spa and Boutique in Magnolia.

A stellar and affordable selection of pieces that are on trend, functional for your life and fit your size, this is a cozy, local spot. It's also one of the few boutiques to have bras to make those challenging dresses work so you don't need to make a quick online order before you wear your new look out. And you can get your nails done or grab a massage before you go. Just schedule ahead of time. Really, it's everything you need with lovely, personal service. Owner Courean Napolitano was way ahead of the curve with her business model. I love the vibe so much, so when the folks at Microsoft asked me where I'd like to film the ad featuring Poplin for the Microsoft First Drafts Campaign (since I don't have an office), I knew immediately that we HAD to do it at Vixen. 

 Polka Dot Tie-Front Skirt. Vince. $395.

4. Vince in Bellevue Square.

Full disclosure, only the small sizes are on the rack, so you need to ask for the others. But, once that's handled, it's a dream. And trust me, that team is dying to help you find your mix of Vince staples + seasonal wow pieces. We held a Poplin client event at the store last year and I still hear about it from my clients and friends. The team knows the brand and they get to know customers, reaching out when pieces arrive that they think might resonate with you. So good. 

 REGINA GOWN. Available in multiple colors. Universal Standard. $280.

5. Universal Standard in Redmond.

There's a reason we just held the Poplin event at the showroom for this brand that carries hip pieces size 10 and up: the quality is great, the service is stellar, too. Make an appointment and expect to be wowed. Showroom guru, Kate, is all about offering the highest level of customer service. Because this is a new brand catering to women who have so often been ignored by the fashion industry, she takes great care to go above and beyond in every way. Get in at the ground level before this brand becomes a household name. 

 Miista Elizabeth. Clementines. Was: $280. Now: $140.

6. Clementine's in Pioneer Square.

This is what you want a boutique to be: a selection of all the right pieces including unorthodox shoes that you'd actually wear. The grounded, friendly and knowledgeable team treats you right at all costs AND there's great vintage shopping downstairs at the Swan Dive. I bought a dreamy pair of shoes there and they started to fall apart immediately. The team jumped into action offering to replace them or refund the money. Then, they followed up with their shoe rep to be sure the company was aware of the defect for other shoppers. Buying something you love and then having it work out could be a disappointing and frustrating experience. Not at Clementine's. The entire interaction, plus all the other items that get me in there regularly, just made me want to go there more. Now THAT'S great service. 

And there you have it. Let me know what you think of this list. Have any favorites? Other suggestions you think I'm missing? Please share!

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