3 Brands Reinventing the Way We Shop

Things are getting crazy in fashion land. Just when you think you know how to shop- in person or online- brands continue to innovate. That means lots of fun for me. Here are three fresh approaches to shopping that you just might love. 

Three Innovative Approaches to Shopping. Go!

 The Montauk. Andie. $125 for one suit, $115 each for two suits, or $105 each for all three.

1. Andie.

Sick and tired of buying swimsuits? Female owned brand Andie is here to help. The brand offers three styles of swimsuits that are designed to flatter your figure. Each one is also a timeless approach to swim, which is appealing for the woman who only pulls out her suit a few times a year. (Welcome to the Northwest.) Not sure which one is best for you? Actually, you don't need to know. Andie sends you all three suits in your size to try on at home. You send back the suits that don't work for you. Pay $125 for one suit, $115 each for two suits, or $105 each for all three. Andie suits go up to size 14. Check out more on the site. 

2. Phaedis.

Much thanks to a long time blog reader from San Francisco who introduced me to Phaedis. If you find yourself concerned with sustainability and have a burning desire to look fashionable but don't want to increase your footprint on the world, this might be the brand for you. Phaedis sells last season's pieces rather then let them "sit in storage." So, the idea here is that it's sort of like shopping a designer consignment store, except everything is not used, but is a season or so behind. With each purchase, a contribution is made to the A21 Campaign, to help a survivor of human trafficking regain his/her dignity. 

3. Universal Standard. 

OMG. Could I love Universal Standard any more than I already do? I'm all about this brand filled with simple, edgy pieces that are well made and START at size 10. If you, like me, are a woman who enjoys the thrills of weight fluctuation, Universal Standard is the place for you. I only wish they started at a smaller size so that everyone can experience this groundbreaking brand. If you purchase a piece from the company's core collection  (which includes my favorite piece- the Geneva Dress) and it no longer fits due to your weight change, Universal Standard will take it back within a year of purchase! And, you'll get a new one in your new size. I'm dying. The pieces will be laundered and donated to a nonprofit. While I've already been recommending this label all over the place, special thanks to an Instagram follower for sharing this policy. Man, I heart this community. Big love.

Heard of something that you think is groundbreaking? Let me know!