So What's the Deal with Amazon's Echo Look?

If you haven't already heard, Amazon just launched Echo Look. The goal is for Alexa to act as your fashion assistant. I've had all sorts of questions about the product and what it means both for Poplin and for clients. As a personal stylist in Seattle, the home of Amazon, it's clear I'll have an opinion. So  here it is.

First up, what is it exactly? Here's a video to explain. 

Echo Look and Current and Future Poplin Clients.

If Alexa is already a big part of your life, you may see the Echo Look as a natural fit. My goal is to ensure that every Poplin client is able to express who she is via her clothing. She should know what is flattering for her figure, have ideas for retailers from which to shop and have an understanding of ways to project what she wants to project, not simply what happens to be on trend. If the Echo Look helps with this mission, I'm all for it. 

But wait, is this competition for Poplin?

From my perspective, it isn't. Really, it's a supplement. As an example: Yes, Alexa can take photos of you and help you ensure that you aren't repeating the same outfit each day. Poplin actually helps you create those outfits in the first place. So, both are useful. 

Let me break it down. When services like Stitch Fix emerged, I heard similar concerns from very thoughtful individuals. As it turns out, Stitch Fix is a way for a woman to engage with her style and wardrobe. For some women, that's all it takes. For others, services like these are a gateway for them to discover that they'd like a more personal approach that fits their lifestyle and offers highly customizable options. Plus, it's nice to have a local perspective on what works in Seattle offices of varying industries. 

Again, if these services make women look and feel better about themselves, empower them to own their personal style and then use that power to try new things, approach the world with confidence and strength- I'm for it. 

Anything else?

Yes! Thank YOU. Thanks very much to each of you who have reached out about this and other developments in the fashion industry. I love your emails, your questions, your hot tips. Clothing is my art form. I enjoy expressing who I am through my pieces and teaching others to take the same approach. It should be fun. It should be inspiring. It should be empowering. When the world looks more beautiful, we all benefit. And, hey, let's hear it for Seattle companies like Amazon, Nordstrom and so many others who are reminding the rest of the country how incredible it is to be in Seattle. 

Have other thoughts, questions, feelings? Send them along!