Best Gifts EVER.

I recently had a conversation with a client about gifting. She said, "I wish you did wishlists for gifts because I know you'd have great suggestions." That naturally led to a conversation about finding the perfect gift which leads me to this blog post. Yes! Of course I have ideas! And you, my Dear Reader, are about to hear/ read all about them. Off we go!

My Favorite Gifts for the People You Love.

1. For the Designy Person in your Life.

I heart Vancouver Special. Really, anything from the boutique in Vancouver, B.C. is a win and today the shop turns 9! That means that today only, for every $100 you spend, you'll receive a gift card for $9.99. If you miss out on the deal (because you are reading this later in the week), not to worry. Vancouver Special is one of my favorite places to visit in BC. Add it to your list for your next visit up North. 

2. For the Person Who Wants to be an Urban Biker but is Secretly Terrified.

I LOVE this gift. As the weather warms up, how many of us dream of biking to work? But as the city grows, fears about bicycling around town increase, too. No longer. Casey LaFran, owner of Rolla Cycling and personal coach also teaches urban bike riding. Genius! He hosts a free, noncompetitive ride around Lake Washington on Saturday mornings to get you in the zone. After you've (re)discovered your love of biking, sign up to learn how to ride safely in the city. This is also a beautiful add on if you happen to purchasing a bike for someone you love. Reach out directly for details. 

3. For the Sentimental Among Us.

If you missed my blog post about local artisan Adrienne Krieger, take a look. Adrienne is a great friend who also makes gorgeous jewelry from recycled materials. Yes, they are good for the earth. They are even better for your awesomeness rating. Consider transforming a piece from a family member and gifting it to another. How about stones that are just sitting in your jewelry box gathering dust? If they came from somewhere or someone special, they deserve to be seen. Sit down with Adrienne to come up with the best way to harness someone's authentic style and a whole lot of love.

4. For the Person Who Can't Seem to Find the Time to Enjoy a Break.

How often do you hear someone who says, "I need a massage?" and yet they can't seem to find the time to get to the massuese? I surprised my husband with one of the best gifts in the world- a massage- at home. Believe it. I only told him what to expect 20 minutes before Sara Akerlund showed up at our door. And, you can count on this being a quality experience. Sara's massages "hurt so good," and she takes insurance. Forget about gifting, this might be just right for you:)

5. For the Person Who's Bored with Her Look.

Yes! A Poplin package is just right for her and gift cards are available. But, if you are looking for something that gets the ball rolling, consider gifting a friend a gift card to a retailer she's never shopped at before. After all, you read this blog. You get the newsletter. I bet you know about all sorts of brands and retailers she hasn't even thought of. I vote for Boden
Topshop, All Saints, Club Monaco, Oliver Bonas to get you started. Not sure what to choose? That's what I'm here for.

6. For the Pregnant Woman in Your Life.

You can never go wrong with a dress from local maker, Kinwolfe. It's fashionable and functional throughout pregnancy and well beyond. 

7. For Your Super Cool Coworker/ Niece/ Volunteer

Beautiful things make us all feel better. Why not give the gift of good design and support the little guy (or gal)? I'm a big fan of sites like Society 6 for ipad cases, phone cases, totes, mugs and so on. You can find delightful designs that are authentic to the recipient for a reasonable price and support a small businessperson/ artist in the process. This is where I buy all my cases, by the way. 

8. For the Backyard BBQ Chef.

Ever since we saw this world champion BBQer on the Kitchen (a show I love, by the way), I've been truly obsessed. This is the gift that keeps on giving. 

9. For the Person Interested in Upping His/Her/ Their Game.

When is the last time you read a magazine? As in a paper magazine? Magazine subscriptions are the unsung hero of gift giving. They are affordable and continue giving all year. Plus, it's SO great to have a magazine when you need a break from your electronics or your power cord is dead or you are trying to set a good example for the kids. The list is long. I am ALWAYS happy when I give a magazine subscription and equally thrilled when the right one is given to me. (Shout out to my mother in law.) While I adore Esquire and don't think it should be limited to men, I will say that it is unequivocally a great gift for the man in your life, especially if he has any interest in style, politics, watches, technology, science, pop culture, design, TV and so on. It's SO good. For everyone else, New York Magazine (not to be confused with the New Yorker) is the BEST. You don't need to live in NYC to love it. Politics, style, food, pop culture, it's all there. They broke the Bill Cosby wide open with interviews from the victims. Famous journalists like Gloria Steinem wrote for New York. Really, I could go on about it all day.

10. For the Person Who Loves to Travel, but Doesn't Love the Planning.

Have you ever longed for the days of travel agents? I loathe booking flights, searching for hotels and planning itineraries. Even worse? Discovering that you overpaid without any recourse. No longer. I've recently discovered that there are still people out there who WANT to take care of all the details for you AND will make sure you receive and discounts you may have missed. My favorite one of these dreamy service providers is Kyle Smith at Cruise Planners. He also continuously donates very stylish clothes that we can use at YouthCare Styling Sessions, so admittedly I'm bias. Whether you are looking for an all inclusive resort (generally in Mexico and the Caribbean) or a family trip to a Disney Property on a cruise or much more, he's your guy. He even coordinates wheelchairs, etc. to meet you on the ship so you don't need to ship those. Mind blown.

11. For the Person Who is Dying for a Clean House. Seriously. Clean.

Whether or not you have someone who cleans your house regularly, you may still notice that stuff next to the stove that won't seem to come clean. Or perhaps cobwebs on your lighting is what makes you crazy. If you or someone in your life is so ready for a spring clean, but not super ready for actually cleaning, it's time for a deep clean.

I adore Cheryl Iodice, owner of Cleanspace Cleaning Services. She and the team specialize in deep cleans. I know this seems like a weird gift to give someone. After all, you don't want them to feel as though you think their house is dirty. But, don't be afraid to fish. I mentioned this to a friend and she said, "feel free to get me a house cleaner anytime. Seriously. I'm free tomorrow."

It's as if you just bought your house all over again. New car smell, but for your house. 

Thirsty for more gift ideas? I have oh so many. Just let me know who you are shopping for. Enjoy!