Enough About Brexit. The UK's Oliver Bonas is What I Really Want to Talk About.

 Seriously. I happened to be wearing this when I received this thoughtful gift from my client. She picked up this piece at the Oliver Bonas store in London.

As a woman with a triangle body type, I got into the bold necklace thing about ten years ago or more. I couldn't get enough of them. At that point, they were especially hard to find which meant that the emotional thrill of finding just the right one was significant, to be sure. 

But, over the course of time, I lost enthusiasm for the trend. It felt like the pieces were all starting to look the same and even the most unusual options weren't as exciting to me. Now, I'm all about earrings and watches, bracelets or rings. 

Until Oliver Bonas.

One of my very thoughtful clients discovered the shop on a trip to London. She picked up some pieces for herself and one for me (I told you she was thoughtful). 

These bold necklaces were unlike anything I had seen before. They made me SO happy. And, to me, that is the purpose of fashion. It should bring us joy. It should inspire. It should communicate. Oliver Bonas's collection does all that and more. Plus, the prices are reasonable AND they ship to the states. 

Below is an assortment of some of my fav pieces. If you like them, there's so much more. The brand carries apparel and accessories. You are sure to be the only one in your office with these options. 


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