More Uber Wishlists!

From the "Audrey Hepburn on Acid" Uber Wishlist.

The Poplin process is an intimate one. I often tell people that the consultation is really just an opportunity for a potential client to figure out if she's comfortable changing in front of me. 

As a personal stylist in Seattle, my approach goes well beyond the current trends and into what the ideal collection is for each client. Using her online personal profile, her budget and the existing pieces in her wardrobe, we either head off to shop or I create an Uber Wishlist for her. Uber Wishlists consist of 20-30 items that work as a cohesive collection and coordinate with her existing pieces.

Periodically, I add more sample Uber Wishlists to the site. I've discovered that people love looking at them. So, we've added several more. Take a look. Have fun with it. And, if you'd like this level of style guidance, reach out for a complementary consultation. I'm looking forward to it!


Here's a fun fact: "Audrey Hepburn on Acid" and "JFK on a Boat," are married. I love my job. And, I love hearing from you. In less than 5 minutes you can give feedback. Pretty please. I listen.