Last Minute Father's Day Gifts. It's Not Too Late.

 The Marx family father/son duo at Lake Union last week. Kayak rentals only $22/hour for a double.

Happy Father's Day, Dear Reader. 

Holidays are a nice time to reflect on life with the ones we love. Personally, I'm a huge advocate of surprises, so there is much planning that goes into these seemingly innocuous holidays. Although, I must admit that I'm not above the last minute gift. So, before you make that call home, let me just make a few quick suggestions in case you are just realizing you neglected to send something over to dear old dad. 


Last Minute Father's Day Gifts that are Still Right on Target

 $25 for the Nolan with $20 of that purchase going to support Marriage Equality. Yes!

1. A tie from the Tie Bar.

Yes, it will be late. But, I'm guessing that's okay with your dad. I adore these because they are cool (obviously). And, the site helps you coordinate your tie with your shirt and suit. Yup. On each page, you'll see a grid of colors for suits and shirts that work with that tie. So helpful, especially for the novice. Beyond that, the line from Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson donates $20 of every $25 tie to marriage equality efforts. Love.


2. A subscription from Bean Box.

Give your dad a little taste of Seattle's Very Best coffee with beans from small roasters shipped to his house each month. They ship within 48 hours of roasting and they are tasty! (We ordered the Father's Day gift pack for the dads in our world. It includes chocolate from JCOCO, another excellent choice.)


 Oyster Books. Genius!

3. A subscription to Oyster Books.

For the avid reader in your life. Access to over 1 million books that you can read offline on your phone or tablet for a low monthly subscription? Yes, please. If a book isn't available as part of the subscription, you can easily purchase it from Oyster's online store. So good. 


 Here's my husband and Ashley Bachelder, our J. Hilburn Rep as she reviews the fit on his new shirt.

4. A custom shirt from J. Hilburn.

We are in the middle of this process for my husband. SO amazing. A representative from the company will meet up with your dad in person and take his measurements. Then, he's all set to order a beautifully made custom shirt with all the details per his request. Once it's confirmed that this shirt fits perfectly (the representative hand delivers it and ensures the accuracy of the fit), it's the template for more to come. You're looking at roughly between $100 and $180 for the shirt which is certainly worth it for the hard to fit man who's at the next level in his career. 


 Right before we wrapped up the night at our Kitchensurfing party last year.

5. A night off with Kitchensurfing.

In our house, and many others, the fella does the majority of the cooking. So, why not give him a night off? A gift certificate for a kitchen surfing dinner party is just right. Choose the chef you prefer, help finalize the menu and enjoy a dinner party at home with friends, incredible food and no dishes to clean. 


6. Some time together on the water.

Renting a kayak or canoe has never been a disappointment. And the prices are just right. 

Good luck! And remember to call home.