JCOCO's Pop Up Means Couture Chocolate at Your Fingertips

 JCOCO CEO Jean Thompson rocks her DVF Jumpsuit while introducing us to the new pop up store in Bellevue Square.

As your very own personal stylist, I think a lot about what works for your individual style. That means your body type, your budget and how you want to express yourself with your clothing. This also includes how you like to spend your time. If you live in Seattle, it's highly probable that you spend some portion of your time savoring high quality food that is responsibly sourced, drinking coffee and entertaining out-of-towners. And, of course, let's not forget shopping. 

All worlds collide at JCOCO's new pop up store in Bellevue Square. So, today, it's all about JCOCO and you'll soon see why.

Local chocolatier Seattle Chocolate launched its couture brand, JCOCO, over a year ago. You may have seen my post when things kicked off. As you can imagine, this is chocolate at its finest. 


5 Reasons Why You Need JCOCO in Your Life

 Could it be more beautiful? Welcome to the new JCOCO pop up shop in Bellevue Square.

1. It's all about the destination.

These time of year it's all about getting out of the house. Whether you are looking for something special for date night or a place to take out-of-town visitors, JCOCO's pop up store in Bellevue Square should be on your list. It's gorgeous, inviting, and filled with the brand's finest chocolates as well as creative gift ideas that correspond with a theme. You'll find yourself immersed in the experience. JCOCO took great pains to ensure that all five senses are stimulated when you are there and that makes all the difference. Additionally, the team plans to hold events on Fridays. What's better than a chocolate pairing to kick off your evening? In fact, you can enjoy progressive coffee and chocolate pairings on Friday, June 12th and 19th (noon to 3PM). Your out of town guests are sure to be impressed. 


 LOVE this pairing of local coffee from  Bean Box  and local chocolate as the ideal Father's Day gift. I bought two!

2. Best Gift EVER.

Looking for just the right thing for, well, everyone? How about a chocolate sampler pack? I have a stash of the bars on hand and toss one in a gift bag with a bottle of wine when heading to parties. We also just ordered the Father's Day Gift Pack for all the men in our family. It's AMAZING. Pairing Seattle's finest chocolate with the best of our coffee? Yes, please. And, don't even get me started on the reception of a collection of JCOCO bars with wine pairings for dessert at dinner parties. Plus, the extra goodies on hand to complete the look of the current theme are not to be missed. A clutch, super hip coasters, and more. Done and done. 


 Just a peek of what you experience at the pop up shop in Bellevue Square.  Ever wonder where chocolate comes from? Not anymore.

3. Ingredients you can shout from the rooftops.

We're Seattle-ites, and we love the highest quality ingredients. We also adore innovation and mixing unexpected ingredients to create something sublime. Equally important, we want to feel good about where things come from. JCOCO does it all. All products are natural, non-GMO and kosher. Responsibly sourced ingredients that surprise and delight. 


 JCOCO Black Fig Pistachio Dark Chocolate. JCOCO. $7.95.

 Just a sample of the  Ampeg  ad campaign.

4. Good Design.

Years ago my husband designed an ad campaign incorporating vintage stock photography from the same collection JCOCO sourced for the packaging of its couture chocolate. So, I have a very special place in my heart for this approach. I also am a HUGE fan of good design and a gift from JCOCO will be a welcome treat for even the most intimidatingly stylish person in your life. 


 The Vanuatu bar deconstructed during our tasting.

5. JCOCO Gives.

You know how important this is to me, Dear Reader. JCOCO gives back in local communities by partnering with food banks. Here in Seattle, the company supports Northwest Harvest. Nationally, the company has donated over 406,000 servings of healthy food since August, 2012. 

So, get there while you can. After all, it's called a pop up shop for a reason. You can enjoy this member of the Bellevue Collection through December, 2015.