Seattle Sunday: Northwest Native American Style (Sort of)

 Canoe Welcome. Photography by  Selena Kearney.

Our good friend, photographer, tile setter, designer, maker, painter (and the list goes on) Selena Kearney is also a member of the Chehalis Tribe. Being around her for so many years has offered us the opportunity to get a glimpse into Native American culture. (For the record, Selena refers to it as, "Indian.") I digress. 

This weekend we attended the Salmon Homecoming on the Waterfront and I found some Native culture mixed in with some crazy deals that I thought you, Dear Reader, might appreciate. 

Three Excuses to Enjoy a Pow Wow in the Coming Months

1. These ladies.

 Suzanne & Jaimie of Queen Living.

I love them. And, when you meet them, you'll likely feel the same way. The dynamic duo of Suzanne and her niece Jaimie make up Queen Living. They travel the pow wow circuit, Muckleshoot Casino and a variety of ever-changing locales to bring affordable stylish options to the masses. 

Their booth stood out to me because they have Native American inspired pieces, like the tank below, with a modern touch. Equally important, they are crazy affordable. Most of the tops range from $20-35 each. The very cozy jersey cape with the stand up collar — $35. For real. 

The only challenge? You've got to find them. So reach out to for more details. 



2. Hello Incredible Hand-made Jewelry. It's me, again!

Bev's Beads creates a collection of native authentic bead work. Bev, a Blackfeet artist, creates handmade jewelry from various materials. Pieces on display this weekend were made from conch, black lip, mother of pearl, abalone and elk, to name a few. I have so many clients looking for that special piece that no one else has. This is where you find it. You can find Bev by calling 206.660.2787 or emailing

 I just REALLY loved the rectangle earrings. Is it wrong?

3. Cool kids appreciate culture. 

Pow wows offer a glimpse into Native American culture that you won't find anywhere else. The music, the stories, the people. If you can make it, you'll be glad you did. If you can't, you can also find bliss rocking one of the Red Flag shirts from the Seattle brand. My husband wears his all the time and I'm constantly reminded how very cool it is to be an American. Off you go!


 Red Flag Tee. Supplies are limited. Red Flag.

 Salmon Homecoming. Photo by Selena Kearney.

 Salmon Homecoming. Photo by Selena Kearney.

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