Yes! YOU Can Wear a Jumpsuit.

 (Triangle) Personal obsession: Culottes and a jumpsuit. Oh my! Minimal Culotte Jumpsuit. TopShop USA. $120.

Poplin: "I've been meaning to write a blog post about how to wear jumpsuits for months. Personally, I'm obsessed with them."

Blog reader Carly via Facebook: "Indeed. The people are clamoring for it. We need to know how to wear them, Mellicia." 

Give the people what they want... especially if what they want is what you are dying to tell them. And, I AM dying to tell you how to wear a jumpsuit. After all, they aren't just for the uber cool woman you aspire to be. They are for you. You are that uber cool woman.

How to Find the Perfect Jumpsuit for You.

 Show off those curves! Rectangles, hourglass, triangles can all rock this one piece. Donna Ricco Drape Front Wide Leg Jumpsuit. Nordstrom. $98.

1. Know what you are in for.

If you are resistant to the jumpsuit trend, you are not alone. Most women I've heard from are afraid that they just can't, "pull it off." Well, I beg to differ. Remember, you are the one who determines whether or not you can pull something off. But, I can certainly tell you that finding the ideal jumpsuit that is both representative of your personal style and your right for you body is no easy task. So, step one is to just be ready for the challenge. Don't get easily frustrated. And, please don't let this saga give you body image issues. If it isn't working, it's not you. It's the clothes. 

 (Hourglass) Suzu Crepe Jumpsuit. Whistles. $382.

2. Know your body.

In the quest for a jumpsuit, knowing your body type is imperative- or at least having a general understanding of what works for your body. For example, if you have a triangle shaped body and emphasizing your lower half balances out your frame, keep that in mind when weeding out potential options. Triangles should be looking for jumpsuits that draw attention up top, apples attention to the arms (not the waist) and rectangles (suits that give you curves). It's a lot to process. If you need help, you know where I am.

 Effortless look for a long waisted lady. KAMALIKULTURE Wide Leg Jersey Jumpsuit. Nordstrom. $99.

3. Know your style.

You can go a few different directions here. If you are thinking classy and classic, you'll want a more basic jumpsuit with clean lines, perhaps a cowl neck. If you are more fashion forward perhaps an 80's inspired tapered suit works for you. Elegant- wide legs are your friend. Think about what you'll be wearing this for and that will help you get a solid understanding of the fabric that is right for you, too. Jersey is great for running around town while silk works well for an evening dinner party. 

 The complexity of two pieces with the ease of one. River Island Tie Neck Jumpsuit. ASOS. $91.41.

4. Know where to go.

It's true that the folks on Project Runway have been trying to get us into jumpsuits for five seasons or more. But, real people are just stepping into the trend. So, that means that finding a jumpsuit at your favorite retailer is finally possible. I have a few favorite options myself. They include: ASOS, Whistles, TopShop, Nordstrom (the selection is growing but still more are available online than in stores). You might notice these tend to be UK companies. That's no surprise. 

 This can work for the short waisted- giving the illusion of a longer torso. However, if it doesn't work, steer clear- don't force it. Ah, fashion. In the end, it's an art, not a science. Treasure & Bond Boiler Jumpsuit. Nordstrom. $98.

5. The rise and length can make or break you.

The most important part of any jumpsuit purchase is the proportions. If the rise is too short, you won't be able to get it on- and let's face it, that can be soul crushing. (Remember step 1!) If the rise is too long, you'll be unintentionally rocking harem pants. While the length can be adjusted (hemmed if too long, rolled up if too short), the fit is more of a challenge. This is why it is integral to keep your body shape in mind when pulling a jumpsuit off the rack in the first place.

Jumpsuits tend to have a clearly defined waist. Make sure that waist is exactly where you want it to be. If you are short waisted (meaning the length between your chest and bottom is disproportionally shorter than your legs) choosing a jumpsuit that places the waist where you want it to be (rather than your natural waist) can be a blessing. If you are long waisted, it will be harder for you to find jumpsuits. Look for something that has adjustable straps, if possible. Or, suits that have no waist at all. That way your styling defines where your waist is located. 

Of course, if you are petite, please don't try something that will be too baggy and overwhelm your frame. Same goes for rectangle shaped bodies who should give the illusion of curves. 

 This one can work for most body types including apples as the waist is high and the thick fabric is flattering. ASOS Bra Strap Scuba Jumpsuit. ASOS. $76.17.

6. Try, try, try again.

Locally, boutiques tend to have a jumpsuit here and there. Even major retailers have only a handful to choose from. So, don't be afraid to try them on at multiple locations. The best selection is online and for that you should consider purchasing a few options with the plan to return items that don't work immediately. 

Styling-wise, I could go on all day. So expect another post on this topic. But for now, please remember to try it on with the appropriate shoes (I vote for heels or platforms). And, give yourself a while to adjust. It takes time. 

Was this helpful? Other questions about jumpsuits? Let me know! I'm here and very enthusiastic about this topic. Happy shopping!


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