How do I wear this? Plus Size Edition

Note from the Editor:

Two things: 1. Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. Like what you read? Jordan's research on Sizeism was recently featured in an article in the Everett Herald? Check it out! Love her and you will, too.  2. I had a vintage inspired lavender coat with a lavender faux fur collar that I rocked with pride for years. Although, it happened to be the only coat I had with me on my initial move to NYC several years ago. I would not recommend opting for that when riding in a sea of black on the subway for the first time in the middle of February. Luckily, a personal stylist always has solution. On that day, mine was H&M. 

This will mean something to you, Dear Reader once you reach the end of the post..... Enjoy!

 Simple neutral pieces are a perfect balance to more unique or daring pieces.  Draped neck sweater. Violeta by Mango. $59.99

Dear Reader,

As London Fashion week comes to a close I have found myself stalking the runways for cues as to the next advances in fashion. Some trends that are already popping up on sites are both baffling and entertaining aka. short yeti coats in lavender. So as I complied looks from SS 15 and looked back on F/W 14 fashion week earlier in the year there are some stand out trends that are certainly worth a look at.

After showing some pieces to a few friends I heard the similar chorus of "...but how would I wear this?" And it got me thinking that they couldn't be the only ones taking a look at over the knee boots and half jean/half leather pants and coming up short on how to make them appropriate for day to day. So as follows are some tricks to deal with tricky styles and some tips on how to wear them. Because sometimes the weirdest things are the most fun, and can become surprising style signatures.


How do I wear this?

Leather-Like Combo Jeans

 Leather-Like Combo Jean. $110.00

Okay, so for me this is the one that totally threw me for a loop. I originally saw them on H&M online and was taken aback since at first glance I thought that the young lady was wearing thigh high leather boots. Which I am sure is part of the effect. For this type of style where inevitably the focus will go to the legs I say depending upon how much accentuation you want on that part of the body you focus on your top. If you are ready to show off your shapely legs then go for a more neutral and simplistic top like a nice drape sweater and a  pair of low booties. If you want to pull attention upward try a pretty printed blouse in an eye catching color and topped with one of falls best accessories the layering jacket.


Patterned High Waist Wide Leg Pant

 Plus Size High Waist Wide Leg Slacks in Lady Plaid. JIBRI @ Etsy. $135.00

This one is a bit less of a leap than some, but I still had people asking me how to deal with proportions when wide leg pants are involved. As this gorgeous JIBRI editorial shot shows, paired with a draped soft blouse is a fun way to play with proportions. But to reign in the voluminous nature of these pants; pairing them with a fitted shirt or even body suit would be a beautiful compliment that would let the pants shine through without becoming overwhelming.


Colored Faux Fur Coat

 Long Sleeve Jersey Panel Dress. Carmakoma. $203.76

 Faux Fur Jacket. $130.00

Every couple of years we see the resurgence of faux fur coats in a variety of patterns, hues and hair length. This season seems to be favoring the pastel and vibrant hues. This is one of my favorite trends to play around with, I myself sported a faux leopard coat for a few years in college, nothing puts quite so many eyes on you as a black dress and a leopard fur coat. With the new vibrancy of colors available from soft lavenders to neon orange, keeping it from being overwhelming , is to keep everything else subtle and neutral. Think dark jeans and a super soft tee, or a luxurious LBD.


Over the Knee Boot

 Over the Knee Harness Boot. Torrid. $79.50

These lovely kicks have been around a few seasons but I still get asked how to make them feel more winter chic and less...fishnets and minis. Now the pair I rocked in college I  wore with opaque patterned tights and cute black minis paired with sweaters. So minis are still a viable option. The tights gave coverage, warmth and kept them feeling runway-esque. I feel these are as ubiquitously useful as the fall friendly knee high, they just go up a bit higher. For this fall and winter try them with patterned midi skirts, fun shift dresses and textured leggings with tunics.


  Poplin Contributor and Plus Size Guru Jordan Richardson. Photo by  Emily Dymond Photography.

These are just of few of the many interesting trends gracing us with their unique presence this fall. Hopefully this little post helped you feel like you too can conquer tricky trends with the utmost of ease. Who knows, this season you could be known for rocking the most amazing lavender fur coat with style?


Happy Shopping!



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