Seattle Sunday: The Rookery Kids. Turns Out Kids Clothes Can be Hip & Affordable

 Girls Roxy Spirit bathing suit Size: 2T. The Rookery Kids. $6.95. Roxy Spirit flip flops. $8.

Here's something awesome. I style kids

Wait. What?

 Sophia and me at the Rookery photo shoot.

 Boys Old Navy heavy cable knit sweater. Size: 2T. The Rookery Kids. $3.95.

Yes! I do this for parents who feel like they'd like to spend time with their kids after work and on the weekends instead of time shopping for them. Or, parents who would love their child to be as well dressed as they are without spending an unreasonable amount. I style those kids. I create an entire seasonal wardrobe that mixes and matches easily, is functional and indicative of your child's personal style. Then, I create outfits that can be accessed via your personal webpage so that mom, dad, the nanny or anyone else can see how to easily style an outfit. And it's fun!

The Rookery Kids

 Girls Gymboree apple raincoat. Size: 7/8. The Rookery Kids. $12.50..

You can imagine how excited I was when I learned about The Rookery Kids. Owner and Seattle-ite Sophia Ferrel curates hip, quality pre-loved kids clothing for her online store. That's right: you're shopping local and yet you can easily do it from your computer. Or, I can do it for you, of course.

Photographer Selena Kearney and I recently visited Rookery and I had the opportunity to style several outfits from some of my favorite pieces. Even better, you, Dear Reader, can purchase them at a discount.

Get a 25% Discount!

The Rookery Kids is offering Poplin blog readers a 25% discount for the entire month of March, 2014. Just enter promo code "Poplin" at checkout and enjoy the feeling of finding something you and your child will be excited about — that won't break the bank. (Our child loves clothes, but I can accept that such enthusiasm isn't standard. Regardless, he/she will look incredible.)

For those of you without children, this is a great site to share with friends or for that special smaller someone you may have in your life. (I'm looking at you, Addie's fan club of adults sans children.)

I can also imagine that some of you are loving this post as you may have a clothes-horse child of your own. Others may find that getting your child dressed is one of the major battles of each morning.

 Boys Gymboree rust colored boys button up. Size: 6-12 months. The Rookery Kids. $6.50.

If that's the case, here's a tip for parents of young kids: "Dad's shirt."

 Girls DKNY Houndstooth leggings. Size: 24 months. The Rookery Kids. $10.50.

When you find yourself arguing with your child over what to wear each day, think about the key influencers in your child's life. In our house, my son is always THRILLED to have his outfit resemble his dad's. Lots of boys like to have their haircut similar to their dad, for instance.

Anyway, we refer to button up shirts with collars as "Dad's shirts," and our son LOVES to wear them. Try it at your own house. Select something in your child's wardrobe that you'd like him or her to wear. Perhaps she doesn't like coats. Maybe a "mom's coat," that is the same color or style as mom's will inspire her to try one more often.

 Girls Oilily Katje cardigan. Size: 80/ 12-18 months. The Rookery Kids. $58.

Now, back to saving money: The Rookery Kids. Check it out. Get a 25% discount. Buy awesome clothes for your son or daughter. Or, if you are interested in learning more about my style packages for kids, schedule a free consultation and we'll talk. 


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