Seattle Sunday: Sustainability Meets Anthropologie at Cleanscapes

 Paper Thinks recycled leather products available in multiple colors at  Cleanscapes . Made from ground down leather scraps that are a by product of leather manufacturing. (I bought a few in kelly green!)

Two caveats before we begin:

  1. Yes, I know Issaquah is not Seattle. But, it is in the Seattle metropolitan area and this is worth the drive. Trust me.
  2. If you are someone who loves the idea of sustainable fashion, but isn't too keen on wearing hemp or sandals made from bike tires, you will still love this store. So, please, read on.

Before our son learned to speak, he had already developed a love of the recycling truck. He can hear it coming and races to the window to watch the entire process unfold. So, when a client offered to give us a tour of the truck yard and visit the Cleanscapes store filled with recycled items, I jumped on the opportunity. Little did I know that the store was not just another boutique that stocked reusable shopping bags. Instead it is a well-curated showroom with a goal of Zero Waste products (meaning products and packaging are made from recycled goods that can be recycled or composted again) that are predominantly sourced in the Northwest. Equally important, they are stylish. Yup. Stylish and good for the planet. Love.

For you, Dear Reader, I'm offering up four reasons to visit Cleanscapes in February.


1. The merch.

Below, you'll see a gallery of photos from the store to give you an idea of the offerings. There are plans to create an online store in the coming year, but for now, you'll need to head to Issaquah to buy anything. If you are looking for a Valentine's Day gift for a man in your life, look no further than the wool blanket or the mason jar cocktail mixers. A sailor in your midst? Bags created from sails in Friday Harbor are the perfect gift. How about a female friend or loved one? The dishtowels screen printed in Pioneer Square or the jewelry made from skateboards. You get the idea. 


2. Those batteries you keep meaning to recycle.

Or the used bicycle parts, small propane cylinders, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs. Have anything unusual that you know can be recycled but aren't quite sure where to take it? Here's your answer: Take it to the Cleanscapes store. With a goal to replace single use items with multiple use options, they happily accept specialty items that can be recycled. See the detailed list of special recycling items or check out the Facebook page.


3. Your discount.

My what? Yes! The good people at Cleanscapes are offering Poplin readers a 10% off discount until February 28th. Simply visit the store and use the code: POPLIN. That's it! 10% off. (Here's where you view the gallery again to see what you need.)


4. Your chance to win!

Sign up for the Poplin mailing list and you will be entered into the drawing to win this Paper Thinks orange leather tote bag courtesy of Cleanscapes. And, by signing up for the mailing list, you'll be entered into every future Poplin drawing, as well. Loyalty pays, Dear Reader.

 Paper thinks recycled leather tote bag. Cleanscapes. $89.95 Value.

So, make it happen. Sign up here to receive periodic emails from Poplin by this Friday, January 31st at 8am. The winner will be announced later that day and the bag will be delivered to you. 

Remember that you have 10% off for the entire month of February at Cleanscapes. Take this opportunity to do some shopping and get your to-do list down by bringing your special recycling items when you go. 

Progress, my friend. Progress and potentially, something crazy fashionable and free for you.