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The Plus size Coordinating Set- Not just sweaters anymore

Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. This time, she teamed up with Poplin Style Direction Intern, Ellie Emoto to bring you up to speed on this summer's Must Have.  This week's Poplin newsletter includes Ellie's take on the LWD for straight sizes and Jordan's perspective for plus size women is below. If you aren't receiving the newsletter, make sure to sign up!

Also, did you know that Jordan's research on Sizeism was recently featured in an article in the Everett Herald? Check it out! Love her and you will, too. Enjoy!


Dear Reader,

Although I usually try and stay away from flash trends, opting instead for more classic pieces, sometimes I get roped in. I struggled against the coordinating set but then finally gave in to the matchy matchy patterned sets that felt fun and funky. Well, my jumping into this trend was my best fashion decision of the past six months. After acquiring a matching monochrome patterned sweater and skirt set I found a dozen ways to wear each piece separately, and another dozen ways to wear them together with various accessories and shoes.  Even better, I felt powerful, stunning and oh so cool every time I put them on together.

So I want to share that feeling with you. I've found some coordinating sets or co-ords that align with some keywords; making this trend accessible no matter what you are seeking to communicate.



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