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Expert POV: The Perfect Gift Card for the Teen or Tween in your Life.

Christmas is getting closer. If you still haven't wrapped up your holiday shopping, it might time to go for gift cards. With this in mind, I asked Zoya, a local Seattleite, to weigh in on her favorite sources for stylish gifts for teens and tweens. After all, she's in 8th grade and is VERY interested in fashion. 

Zoya's take on buying the perfect piece for the girl in your life is not to buy her a gift at all, but rather a gift certificate. And of course, regardless of your age, everybody has a personal style. So Zoya generously put together for you, Dear Reader, a visual guide to buying gift certificates. Just find your teen/tween's personal style keyword and you're off. And if a description isn't enough, don't worry: Zoya enlisted more local stylish teens to model the looks, making your shopping even easier. Enjoy!

Four Steps to Tween Style Gifting (from a Knowledgeable Source)

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