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Guest Post: Happiness. The Perfect Accessory for any outfit

Working with a personal stylist isn’t just about dressing better. It’s about embracing who you are and then mastering tools to help you show the world that person. The confident, authentic you. This process can take some soul searching. And soul searching isn’t always easy. That’s why I love sharing resources with the Poplin community. I’ve asked Seattle-based Life Coach, Lena Meyer, to share some of her wisdom with us. After all, she’s helped a number of Poplin clients on their journeys.

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10 Absolute Game Changers

irst of all, I sure hope you received the Poplin newsletter in your inbox this morning. I heard from three people within 20 minutes of sending it. This tells me that I should share it with everyone. So, here you go. And, please remember to subscribe so that you’ll see all the good stuff every time.

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Seattle Sunday: Bluemercury Arrives

It's finally here, the public grand opening for Seattle's own Bluemercury! I must admit that prior to the arrival in U Village, I had never heard of the brand, despite it being the fastest growing makeup, skincare and spa destination in the country. After all, the closest option for a store is Corte Madera, California (although a Portland store is in the works.) But, almost instantaneously, I was hooked.


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