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Pregnant and Beautiful. There's More to Your Style Than Target.

Pregnancy. Every woman who has ever been pregnant shares one common experience: the constant hunt for clothes. Personally, I LOVED being pregnant. I felt happy, relaxed and excited. In the early months, before I could tell anyone in the office that I was actually pregnant, I found myself struggling to find clothes to wear. A lover of dresses, I was relegated to one pair of pants that I found at Anthroplogie for $150. They were cute. They were stretchy. They were black. And, they were $150 for a pair of pants that I knew would only be useful for a few months. That's a true sign of desperation.

As I grew, I actually found it easier to find clothes than in the early months when you just feel bigger. And for women who struggle with morning sickness, bloating, weight gain and some of the other less stellar aspects of pregnancy, feeling awful about looking at your clothing is not the path to a happy 9 months. Now, as a personal stylist, I've found a number or fun options for pregnant clients. My goal is to offer some assistance to anyone in this situation. Yes, Dear Reader, I know you may not be pregnant. If not, please share with someone you love who will find this helpful. 

Retailers for the hip and pregnant.

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