Pregnant and Beautiful. There's More to Your Style Than Target.

Pregnancy. Every woman who has ever been pregnant shares one common experience: the constant hunt for clothes. Personally, I LOVED being pregnant. I felt happy, relaxed and excited. In the early months, before I could tell anyone in the office that I was actually pregnant, I found myself struggling to find clothes to wear. A lover of dresses, I was relegated to one pair of pants that I found at Anthroplogie for $150. They were cute. They were stretchy. They were black. And, they were $150 for a pair of pants that I knew would only be useful for a few months. That's a true sign of desperation.

As I grew, I actually found it easier to find clothes than in the early months when you just feel bigger. And for women who struggle with morning sickness, bloating, weight gain and some of the other less stellar aspects of pregnancy, feeling awful about looking at your clothing is not the path to a happy 9 months. Now, as a personal stylist, I've found a number or fun options for pregnant clients. My goal is to offer some assistance to anyone in this situation. Yes, Dear Reader, I know you may not be pregnant. If not, please share with someone you love who will find this helpful. 

Retailers for the hip and pregnant.


Believe it. The fashionistas in your office are rocking ASOS. And if you are pregnant, you can, too. How about a vegan leather motorcycle jacket that actually zips over your belly and only costs a little over $100. 

 Mama.licious leather look biker jacket. ASOS. $112.88.

2. Old Navy

Most Old Navy stores don't have maternity sections, so you will be doing most of your shopping online. However, the downtown Old Navy has a few items for you to choose from in a pinch. The ultimate must have: ribbed tanks that cover your belly and maxi skirts that stretch.

 Maternity jersey stretch tami (aka tank/ cami). Multiple colors available. Ranges from $8-15 each.

3. H&M

There is nothing more perfect for a very pregnant woman than a fitted jersey dress. It grows with you and feels like you are still wearing your pajamas. Easy to wash, effortless to wear. Add statement jewelry and you are a pro at the office. Try flats and a denim jacket for your Farmer's Market run on the weekend. 

 Mama Jersey dress. $24.95.

4. Destination Maternity 

Looking for someone who knows something about looking incredible while being pregnant? Look no further than Heidi Klum. Her Loved by Heidi Klum line at Destination Maternity is affordable and easy access.

Or, try out the countless other designers from French Connection to Catherine Malandrino who have maternity wear at Destination Maternity. For those days when you are desperate for something new, just head on over to the mall. I like the jeans and pants that offer room to grow with a minimally offensive band around the tummy. 

 Loved by Heidi Klum Under Belly Super Stretch Slim leg maternity jeans. Destination Maternity. $29.99.

5. TopShop at Nordstrom.

You're hip. You're urban. Perhaps you fancy yourself a little funky or alternative. And now, you are pregnant. When you grow concerned that it will be challenging to maintain your unique style sensibility because your body is changing everyday, look no further than Topshop at Nordstrom. You can easily order online or run over to the store and Nordstrom's return policy is unbeatable. At a time when you may be feeling a little vulnerable, it's always nice to know you won't get stuck with something that just doesn't work. 

 Topshop Ditsy Splash body con maternity dress. Nordstrom. $60.

 A glimpse of fall 2010 fashion.

It's so exciting to see so many retailers begin carrying maternity clothes. Here's a shot of my husband and me when I was pregnant 3 years ago. I'm wearing an old dress I had that I always felt emphasized my stomach too much. As it turns out, that's just perfect for the pregnant body.

Hopefully, you are either pregnant and ready to shop or not pregnant (like me!) and ready to share some fabulous retailers with the pregnant and stylish in your world. Enjoy!

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