Should I Be Wearing High Rise Jeans or Super High Rise Jeans?

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As a personal stylist for women, I spend a great deal of time with women helping each one determine what cuts are most flattering, what pieces are authentic to her personal style and what’s ideal for her lifestyle and budget.

Jeans, as you can imagine, are a big topic of conversation. While there are quite a few women who are not loving this high rise trend (I see you!) because it doesn’t work for their body types, there is also a sea of women who are loving it. For those who are fans, they are often filled with other questions. One key struggle: should I be wearing high rise or super high rise jeans? Here’s the skinny.

What’s More Flattering for my Body? High Rise Jeans

or Super High Rise Jeans

The major benefit of high rise and super high rise jeans is that either style minimizes your stomach. Think of a pair as the denim version of a shaper. A higher rise helps you avoid muffin top. It’s not about pulling your top down, it’s about pulling your pants up.

Now, if you carry your weight in your stomach, you’ll likely love high rise jeans. If you don’t you may either not love them or love them because they are on trend and you like the look.

If you are on board with high rise, you’ll want to determine if super high rise also works for you. If you have a long torso, super high rise and can work. If you have a short torso or you are average height or petite, super high rise may not work. Essentially, we want to be sure that you have a top, a middle and a bottom. If you keep moving your pants up too high, they’ll feel like they are going too close to your bra. Think Steve Urkel.

Also, keep in mind that the higher the rise, the longer your legs and therefore the shorter your top half. If you wear a heel, your legs will just get longer, and your top half will feel shorter proportionally. Make sense? So, trust your instinct. If you put on the super high rise and they just don’t feel quite right, you know what you are doing. If you love how they keep your stomach in, but feel like they throw off your proportions, you can try to wear a top hanging down to cover your waistband and see if the situation improves.

Here’s a breakdown of some of my favorite high rise and super high rise jeans. Time to stock up for spring

Super High Rise Denim (Also Known as Ultra High Rise Jeans)

High Rise Denim

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