5 Comfy Trends that Could be Sloppy or Chic, Depending on Your Pairing.

 My client  Jess  showing how to rock the camo trend.

It's true. Sometimes you just want to wear something soft and cozy. The danger is that once you know the bliss of old sweat pants, you'll have a hard time convincing yourself to change out of them to head to the market. Thanks to fashion trends, there's some great news for those of us who would like to be comfortable and still fashionable. 

5 Comfortable Trends that you can Elevate.

 Camo Crew Sweatshirt. American Eagle. $39.

 Matchstick Camo Boot. Available in red, grey. Topshop. $160.

 Vans X UO Camo Old Skool Sneaker. Urban Outfitters. $60.

1. Camo. 

There are some unexpected neutrals in our world: chambray (as in denim shirts), stripes (which can operate as a neutral when paired with florals) and camo. As I often say about the color green, the stem never clashes with the flower. Green goes with everything. And, camo is the supreme green neutral. Camo skinnies, a camo tee or sweatshirt, even a pair of camo slip on sneakers can make a dressier outfit feel more hip and relaxed. 

 Ripped mid Rise Jeans. Available in two colors. Zara. $39.

 Rag & Bone Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. Nordstrom Rack. Was: :250. Now: $109.

2. Distressed jeans.

Yes. A pair of distressed jeans paired with a sweatshirt can be sloppy or it can be very cool. The difference is often how polished you present yourself. If you have makeup on, your hair looks great or you have current shoes- all of these send signals that this look is intentional yet effortless. If you are going for messy hair, less makeup, try pairing distressed jeans with a more structured top or luxurious sweater. 

 Adidas Sam Smith. Liklihood. $90.

 Superga Mule Sneaker. Available in two colors. Urban Outfitters. $65.

3. Sneakers.

The array of incredible sneakers right now is unparaleled. Whether you go for a vintage sneaker or something fresh, it's all about the pairing and how authentic it is to you and your personal style. I love a visit to local sneaker store Liklihood to get some inspiration and quality sneaks. Pair them with a dress as warmer weather comes our way. I especially adore a maxi sweater dress and sneakers. Toss a leather jacket over top and you are good to go. 

 Kanda Puffer. Universal Standard. $230.

 Quilted Puffer Jacket. Available in tall, petite and regular. Topshop. Was: $130 Now: $80.

4. Down.

You know how I feel about a woman in an extraordinary outfit that finishes everything off with a North Face jacket. Own your elevated look! That being said, there certainly is a time and place for down. One option is to find especially hip down coats. Another is to pair your down with skinnies and current sneakers. 

 Kensie Jogger Pants. Available in two colors. Nordstrom. Was: $48 Now: $28.

 Disconnected Hem Knitted Sweatshirt. Topshop. $68.

5.  Joggers.

Joggers can be just right for working out or they can be the ideal pairing for your night out with friends. I like these with a great heel and a top or jacket that is structured. During the day, try them with a hip pair of sneakers and a stylized sweatshirt.

Let me know how it goes!