How Do I Make Functional Undergarments Look Sexy?

Let's be real. There are undergarments (we're talking about panties, bras and the like) that are crazy sexy. When you were them, you feel desirable, powerful, gorgeous. 

Then, you try to layer those under your clothes. Lacy bras result in bumpy t-shirts. Low waisted underwear means a muffin top. And the list goes on. Of course, thongs are the exception. But, I'm willing to guess that most women aren't wearing those everyday. So, what to do.

 Enticing Lift Unlined Full Coverage Bra. Soma. Available in multiple colors. $58.

 Enticing Allover Lace Boyshort. Soma. Available in multiple colors. $15 or 5 for $39.

In a word: Match.

If it's all functionality all the time for you, then embrace it. Celebrate! You do this by ensuring that everything, every single piece, coordinates with the others. I recommend taking a good look at the clothes you wear and the types of undergarments you need to make you shine in those pieces. Now, pick a color scheme and run with it.

For most women a combination of a neutral (either nude or blush) and black is the way to go. If you are someone who has a wardrobe dominated by dark colors, especially black, grey, and so on, (let's call you a Seattle-ite), then you have more freedom. Perhaps black, blush and charcoal grey are right for you. Or red, black and blush. You don't need to restrict yourself to neutrals. You just need to find a color palette where every color works with the others AND you feel awesome in everything. You also need to be realistic about your needs. So, if you wear a lot of light colored tops, all black bras won't work for you. Get it?

That, my dear, is the secret. Even the most "grandma" pair of underwear can look crazy hot when paired with a great push up bra of the same color. Or, try a black pair then add in a blush bra with lace trim. Think Betty Paige.

Off you go to look super crazy sexy cool. Bam! 


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