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Hello there, Dear Reader! 

It may seem like summer, but fall is coming up quickly.  I know because when it comes to personal style, fall is the busiest time of the year. Maybe it is because we all are trained from a young age to get new clothes for school. Or, perhaps it is just the change in the weather and the lure of fall runway styles. Whatever the reason, my schedule is especially crazy from now through Thanksgiving. Well, then there's Black Friday. Oh, and the holidays. You get the idea.

So, here's a quick reminder. If you have been planning on reaching out to amp up your personal style, now is the time. Here are a few reasons why.


Straight from Poplin Clients: 

5 Reasons to Book Now.


 Anneliese: Hip, Sophisticated, with Masculine Influences.

1. You Owe it to Yourself.

My client Anneliese said it best, "You only live once. You might as well look good." Bam! Consultations are free and the video a is a great way to get a feel for how I approach styling and what you'll get out of the experience. 

"I hesitated contacting Mellicia for a long time - I thought that asking someone to help me with my style problems was too much of a luxury and I should just "handle it" myself... So much of your career success depends upon how you present yourself! That was 6 months ago and it was easily one of the best investments I've ever made!" 



 Jess: Feminine, Sexy, Modern.

2. You Can Do What Works For You.

Whether you are ready to take the plunge and do the Style 360 or you just want to start with a Closet Edit, there's a route that fits your needs. And if you are an existing client, you have even more options. (Once a client, always a client.) In the words of my client, Jess, "

Mellicia Marx is a tremendous investment.  Buying her "Style 360 Package" is some of the best money I have spent on myself.  From the actual dollar and cents perspective, there is no doubt I am saving future dollars by not continuing to buy outfits that "almost" work. 

 Chieni: Classic, Boho, Stylish.

3. Everybody's Doin' It.

So, I'm normally not a proponent of the, "everybody's doin' it" philosophy. But, in this case, you can't ignore the facts. Spots are going quickly, and if you'd like to get your style amped up this fall, the time to get going is upon us.

From the Client: 

Boy, has my life changed after working with Mellicia! After many years of the frumpy mom look, it was really time for a change! And I feel like the change represents so much more. I've found the real me again! This was definitely worth the investment.

 Tarah: Tailored, Bohemian, Distinctive.

4. Because Money and Weight Gain Aren't Going to Hold You Back.

I find that the two reasons women hold off on hiring Poplin are money and weight, as in, "I'll do it when I have more money or when I lose the weight." Let my clients speak to that:

"Money has been tight and Mellicia was very sensitive to that, so we both agreed upon a few things I should purchase over the next couple months, when budget allowed. And the best thing is that I could find all of these things at very affordable stores per her recommendations!"


"I went in to this whole thing expecting her to help me hide my mommy tummy, but she ended up teaching me how to actually accentuate what I initially thought was my biggest flaw. She totally changed the way I feel about myself! All my new clothes make me feel GREAT and as much as I'd like to think  that I simply look hot in my leather pants, it's more likely that my new found confidence is what has had such a positive effect on my marriage."


 Bridgette: Put Together & Still Approachable, Fun without being Stuffy.

5. It's Not Necessary to Feel Overwhelmed to Look Incredible.

At some point in our lives we undoubtedly think about throwing our hands up in the air and stopping the madness. It becomes a choice between looking great and getting the kids out the door on time. Or we feel like we must choose between wearing a stylish outfit and that extra twenty minutes of sleep we are so desperate for. It doesn't actually have to be that way. Knowledge is power. Seriously. Imagine a world where you have a personalized web page on your phone that allows you to see exactly the types of pieces that flatter your figure. This is a world where you have links to retailers that sell clothes you like within your budget. In this land, someone is listening to you and devising a long term strategy for your style. AND each  morning you can scan photos of outfits that actually exist in your closet and choose what to wear in mere moments. This is not a fantasy. Welcome to Poplin-land. More from clients:

I was nervous before our initial meeting, but Mellicia put me at ease right away.  I could have never put my "style" into words, but she asked thoughtful, easy questions to help her understand my personality.  Before our shopping trip, she created an online plan for me, which I still use a year later.  The plan helps me figure out which cuts, styles and colors work best for me.  It's like having Mellicia on your phone!


I was worried I would be beautifully styled as someone else, but Mellicia took the time to know me, my life, what I like and how I want to express myself... I have moved from being frozen on the spot in my closet every morning, to getting ready in a jiffy and feeling great!  I get at least one comment per day about my clothes.



Want to see more client photos? I'm so glad you asked. I LOVE showing them off. You can see more on the client stories page and don't forget there are even more on a second client stories page.  And, of course, only a small fraction of my clients are represented there, so try Yelp for more reviews or the mentions page. So much happiness! I love it!


Fun Fact: Blogs like this make money by receiving a commission on purchases. I ONLY included items I love whether or not there is a commission available. That being said, if you like it enough to buy it, please start at this post when you are ready to make a purchase. Have questions? Just ask! And, thanks for reading the Poplin blog.

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