How to Make Your Shoes Work for You and SO Much More.

As a personal stylist, I hear a lot of the same questions repeatedly. What bra do I wear with this backless dress or this top with cutouts? How can I rock stylish shoes that are still functional? Can I make my existing shoes more comfortable? What about panty lines? How can I avoid them and still be comfortable?

Ah, so many questions. And now, finally, SO many answers. I've created a series of six emails designed to answer those burning questions that are maybe a little awkward to ask. If you are a Poplin client or on the email list, you'll start receiving this series next week. Not on the list? Oh my goodness! Get on it

I've shared these with a few clients to fine tune each segment and they are wildly popular. If you enjoy the blog, I can assure you, this series will make you very happy. So, sign up now and be a part of the first wave of recipients to receive this series jam packed with useful information that you can use right now. 

And hey, I hope you are enjoying this opportunity to rock open toed shoes and perhaps even show a little leg. Spring is a magical time.