My Favorite Raingear.

It's not easy to look stylish and stay dry. As a personal stylist for women in the Seattle area, I receive LOTS of questions about this one. So, I thought I'd share some of my very favorite weatherproof pieces right now. Enjoy!

1. For the Urban Fashionista.

 ZeroGrand Metro Coat. Available in three colors. Cole Haan. Was: $400 Now: $299.

 ZeroGrand Metro Coat. Available in three colors. Cole Haan. Was: $400 Now: $299.

I am completely obsessed with the new collaboration between Cole Haan and Mountain Hardware. Zero Grand is for the urban woman who wants performance-wear without looking like she's about to climb a mountain. I recommended this jacket (and these boots) to a client and she sent back this crazy awesome video. I love my job.


2. For the Sporty Fashionista. 

 Zero Restriction Olivia Hooded Rain Jacket. Nordstrom. $219.

It's always refreshing to find a rain jacket that keeps you nice and dry while communicating your personal style. I adore this one from Zero Restriction. Apparently, "zero" is a theme for brands designing for the elements...

3. For virtually everyone.

 Newburg Waterproof Bootie. Available in black, brown. Cole Haan. $268.

You won't often hear me talk about the "one must have for every woman this season." Why? Because I believe that every woman is different. Yes, I want to help ensure you are on trend, but still current in a way that is authentic to your personal style. With that in mind, I can tell you that for nearly every woman who lives in rainy weather (like I do), the selection of weatherproof shoes and boots from Cole Haan simply can't be beat. There's a style for everyone. 

4. For the woman (or man) who despises cold, wet feet.

 Dexshell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks. Amazon. $29.

Sure, socks were completely lame stocking stuffers when we were kids. But as adults, a great pair of socks is a dream come true. This waterproof pair is sure to please the urbanite who takes the bus, the mountaineer who doesn't let the rain stop her from getting outdoors and everyone in between. Plus, it's not often you spend $30 on a pair of socks. So, splurge for that special someone on your list who will undoubtedly learn to love these.

And off you go. With this crazy weather, it's never too late to stock up on weatherproof gear.