A Mix Up

Editor's note: Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. 

Hello dear reader,

We all know that there are those of us that fall within multiple loose framework of body shapes. Being conjunctions of inverted triangle and rectangle or a diamond that is also busty with broad shoulders. Like styles, none of us fit perfectly into a box or one category. I've garnered up a few tips and tricks for some mixed variety of shapes within the plus size realm, since not all of us lush ladies come with an hourglass shape. Below are a few lovely clothing choices and ideas on what else might work well for you. If you have a shape request, let us know in the comments below!

Each Unique


Inverted Triangle + Triangle...but not an hourglass

 High Waist Green Plaid Skirt. Jibri. $140.00

Quintessentially this is more of a wide set of shoulders a smaller upper body and a heavier bottom set. This gorgeous skirt is perfect for layering over tights in the winter months and balances out a heavier bottom half and pairing like in this case with a turtleneck is a perfect way to elongate the upper half and really make this exaggerated shape into the ultimate in bombshell proportions. Other things to look for is coats and blazers that hit right at or above the hip bone to help visually balance proportions, opting for a blockier silhouette in a not too bulked fabric.


 Oatmeal and About Sweater. Modcloth. $64.99

Personally and correct me if I am wrong but I have never seen plus size maternity wear, which is a darn shame. So fending for oneself we must make adjustments. This beautiful cardigan/poncho is cozy, roomy and with the lovely fitted sleeves, flattering. Being able to unbutton for more room as you grow makes this handy pre-during-and post pregnancy. Other things to potentially look for is A-Line dresses and Trapeze jackets giving you room. Stretchy skirts and jersey knits with wooly layers of oversized sweaters will help with layering in cute fashion through the winter months.

Short and Powerful Legs

 Foxcroft Button Back Jaquard Sweater. Nordstrom. $85.00

With a strong set of athletic legs, not all come with length. So in order to play up those powerful gams but making all the proportions play themselves having a cropped more boxy sweater on top of a great pair of wide leg trousers that sweep the floor or a pair of skinny jeans that show what you've got. If you're looking for a more fitted top, perhaps opt for an ankle grazing skirt that sits higher on the waistline.

Rectangle + Diamond

 Belt Soft Dress. Violeta by Mango. $109.99

This is my shape personally, a little more straight up and down but still heavy. I look for pieces with some amount of waist definition when picking softer fabrics and then look for sculpted shaping that creates shape in more structured pieces. This lovely dress with create a bit more of a waist effect with out adding any bulk. Also paneling in this case is amazing, looking for dresses or tops with darker outer paneling and lighter inner paneling to create illusion of a curvier figure. On the edgier side, a leather jacket, cropped and with strong shoulders looks amazing when paired with a pair of high waisted pants.

Diamond + Inverted Triangle

 Monon BaptisteLace Trim Jersey Wrap Effect Dress. Navabi. $200.90

For the ladies and gents carrying most of their weight up top and in the stomach, the game is all about shapes and visuals. To up play a favorite feature, highlight it. This lovely lace accented wrap dress has a great deep V that elongates the neck torso while showcasing the legs. For a coat take a look at great slouch fit coats that harken to the silhouettes of the 20's.


Hopefully these are some fun little tips and ideas for dressing all sorts of shapes. The best thing is to play with shapes and layering and color to get the desired effect of clothing on your body, and playing with proportions. Make a trend or style suit you by shifting it to your shape and likes.


Happy Shopping

  Poplin Contributor and guru on plus size fashion, Jordan Richardson. Photo by Emily Dymond Photography.