Everling Jewelry is all about YOU, the Environment, and Transforming the way Fine Jewelry is Made

 Binary Code. Everling.

"Wow! That's gorgeous. Can I try it on?"

And that's how it all began. I recently spent an afternoon filled with information, insight, laughs and some breathtaking jewelry thanks to local jewelry designer, Adrienne Krieger, owner of Everling and life coach, Lena D. Meyer of Gratitude6. Adrienne generously hosted Lena and me for a tour of her studio and a discussion about her tireless work to change the way jewelry is made. Naturally, a couple of hours of this can fill more than one blog post. So, below you'll find the top 5 things you simply MUST know about Everling. Like Bluemercury CEO, Marla Malcolm Beck and Dermaspace Owner, Jody Leon, Adrienne's brain is filled with riveting information that I'm dying to share. So, expect to see more fun facts from Adrienne in future blog posts and newsletters.


5 Super Cool Things About Everling Jewelry

 Jewelry Night Out. Everling.


1. The Jewelry.

"I'm a math geek and I love the process." Well, I don't know about you, but that is exactly the type of obsessively detail oriented person I want making my fine jewelry. After 7 years at Greenlake Jewelry Works, Adrienne opened her own studio doing work that reflects her attention to detail and her values. A one hour consultation empowers Adrienne to understand what each client is looking for. Clients are encouraged to bring in their own stones and everything is made from recycled metals with the intent to make beautiful jewelry that does not harm the environment. 

 A Rosy Redo. Everling.

2. It's sort of like your own Antique Roads Show... with jewelry.

Tired of staring in wonder at that bracelet your great aunt gave to you years ago that might be rhinestones or perhaps, something else? Because Everling is committed to using recycled metals, it is also committed to helping you identify which metals you already have that are up for the task. Who knows? Maybe that bracelet is really intended to be a pair of earrings and a ring? The possibilities are endless.

 The space.

3. It's a resource for up and coming makers.

Over the years I've had several friends take a class or two to learn how to make jewelry. But, when a student is ready to dive in and take that knowledge to the next level, there are few opportunities for structured education in Seattle. Enter Everling. Expect advanced level jewelry making classes to be offered at the studio in 2016. Check the Everling website for details as they emerge.

 Just Peachy. Everling.

4. You aren't alone when buying a stone online.

Fair Mining is a recent phenomenon that is similar to Fair Trade. The idea is that the individuals mining for metals are treated fairly. Krieger points out that they are "still mining" which comes with a host of costs for the environment and for the workers. Therefore, she advocates for using existing materials that can be repurposed. But, let's say that even though you support recycled metal, you'd really prefer a new stone for one reason or another. (Generally, cost is a factor in this decision.) What then? Must you shop online for stones and just hope for the best? Of course not. For a $150 fee, Krieger will help you select your desired stone online and you take it from there. When your stone arrives, bring it in and she'll confirm that you received what you ordered. Mystery solved. 

 From my visit to the shop. See more from my visit on  Instagram.

5. You get to make your own pendant!

Okay, this is going to appeal to some folks more than others. During your appointment at Everling, you are welcome to create a complimentary pendant to take home with you. This is my final product. It's not perfect. But neither am I. So, that makes it sort of perfect.

Everling has an addictive website and the Instagram feed is fun, too. If you are looking for a little inspiration, this is a good place to start. 

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