J Crew and You.

 Collection Thomas Mason for J.Crew wide leg jumpsuit. J.Crew. $298.

We've seen a lot of changes at J.Crew in the last few years. It is true. But, if you have or have ever had an affinity toward the brand, take another look. There's likely something just for you. As your very own personal stylist for women and kids, it's vital that I keep you, Dear Reader, in the know.


J.Crew and You.

1. J.Crew Mercantile.

Love J.Crew but not the price tag? J.Crew Mercantile will open brick and mortar stores starting this month. Pieces that were once designated for the J.Crew Factory Outlets will now be sold at the Mercantile. 

Best part: You can try low price options before you buy.

 Factory Sleeveless Rash Guard in Geometric Shapes. J.Crew Outlet. Valued at: $64 Now: $26.50.

 Factory String Bikini Bottom in Geometric Shapes. J.Crew Outlet. Valued at: $39. Now: $24.50.

2. J. Crew Outlet.

I'm a big fan of the J.Crew Outlet online. Affordable prices with current designs, the pieces are generally lower quality than at the full line store. However, they are priced accordingly and an ideal entry point into the brand if the full line is not inline with your budget. It's also common to find additional sales on the site. What was once the J.Crew Outlet is now J.Crew Mercantile. 


 Pre Order Military Trench. J Crew. $325.

3. J.Crew.

My personal favorite J.Crew is downtown. I like the service and the the selection is always compelling. Jeans, t-shirts, blazers and sweaters are a sure bet. I regularly find shoes, jewelry and other exciting pieces for clients there, as well. Keep in mind that petites aren't carried in store, but the staff can order them for you. Of course, there's the J.Crew wedding collection..... Again, sales are relatively frequent. Remember to pick up something for someone you love: the collections for men, boys and girls are compelling, for sure. 



If you'd be so kind, please remember to click through from the images as Poplin may receive a commission if you decide to buy with absolutely no extra cost to you. Thanks very much for reading the blog and happy shopping!