Get This Nail Polish.

As a personal stylist, I'm often asked what is the "must have" piece of the season. I'm always hesitant to answer this question because I believe that every woman is different. The unique combination of her figure, her personality, her lifestyle, her budget and her personal style determines her must have piece, not what the magazines are telling her. 

That being said, it's vital that we all stay current. 

And, in order to keep our looks fresh, we need to know what's out there. My current obsession is "mood nail polish." More accurately, it's a hyper color shirt from the 80's on your nails. That's right. Watch your nails shift from orange to yellow as cold water alters their temperature. Or, go for purple and pink. 


Your mind will be blown.

A few reasons to purchase this nail polish now.

(Or run out and get a manicure as I chose to do.)

1. You're an introvert.

Need something to break the ice? This nail polish works wonders.


2. You want to bond with a teen or pre-teen girl.

 In the event that you'd rather have someone else paint your nails for you.

Seriously. What is cooler than taking her to get her nails done with polish that changes color? Nothing, my friend. Absolutely nothing.

3. You love nail polish.

If this is your thing. Then, this will REALLY be your thing.

4. You are holding off on buying clothes right now because you....

A quick way to update your look regardless of weight or budget is to paint your nails. Feeling indulgent? Get a mani/ pedi. Feeling fiscally responsible? Do them yourself.

5. You are a trend setter.

If you want to be the first at everything, let this show the world your early adopter status. You, Seattleite, you.

 Lechat Perfect Match Mood Color Changing Nail Polish. Amazon. $13.50.

Let me know how it goes. And make sure to follow your very own personal stylist for women and kids on Instagram so you can see up to the minute developments around town. 

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