Seattle Sunday: Dermaspace — Because Sometimes Weird is Wonderful.

Happy Sunday, Dear Reader! If you follow Poplin on Instagram or Twitter, you've likely seen photos documenting my visits to Dermaspace over the past couple of months. The experience has been unforgettable. Recently, I've become especially infatuated with the beauty rituals of previous generations and how they have resurfaced under new names. False eye lashes (hello Diana Ross, who incidentally also had falsies on the bottom), minimizing the number of times per week we wash our hair and let us not forget about blow outs. 

So, when I discovered that a natural skin treatment created in the thirties had become all the rage in LA and New York, I had to learn more. Lucky for us, downtown Seattle's Dermaspace is the only location offering this treatment north of San Francisco. I jumped into three treatments over two months to understand this sci-fi meets holistic approach to skincare. As your very own personal stylist, I also fearlessly documented the steps. Who puts a photo of herself in a helmet reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter on the internet? I do, Dear Reader. Just for you. Because we're cool like that. 

Dermaspace: Your Glamorous Grandmother Schools you on Skincare.

1. Because, "skin is a fickle bitch." 

Can I just say that I love this man? Dermaspace owner Jody Leon opened shop 6 years ago in Queen Anne and now is located in the Medical Dental Building downtown. (The opportunity to freshen up my skin, then do some shopping downtown? Yes, please!)

Jody is delightful. What other skin care professional is going to educate you on skincare while peppering in witty insights such as, "skin is a fickle bitch." This guy. Let's face it. You spend a great deal of intimate time with the good people who do your lashes, your skin, your hair and if you don't like them... well, it's over. Jody's been doing this treatment for over 20 years and has such a strong passion for the work. He answers questions, is easy to talk with and is obsessed with making your skin the best it can be. Plus, Dermaspace has a product line so you can be sure you have easily accessible options for at-home care. (The anti-aging serums are $120 and $122. Everything else is under $100 each! I love me some affordable skincare.) 

2. I see you, early adopter. 

What's old is new again. Whether you love being the first of your circle to try something new or you prefer the tried-and-true ways of yesteryear, this treatment is worth a look. The Iderm Treatment uses a low level of electrical current to ionize vitamin and mineral rich solutions into your tissue. According to Jody, "the only other way to get injections that deep into your skin is with needles." 

Wait. So this is a facial using electrical currents? 

Nope. It's not a facial. The folks at Dermaspace prefer to think of the treatment as "the gym for your skin." Clients tend to visit between every 3 and 4 weeks, although some come weekly depending on their needs. With a goal to smooth your skin, increase collagen production and reduce redness and acne, most clients find results with Dermaspace no longer schedule facials. (Services like diamond-tipped microderm abrasion can be added to the service.) 

Let's see how it works!


3. Because you are desperate to address your teen's acne. 

Acne can be a natural rite of passage for teens, tweens and well, everyone. (Might I add that it would be nice if acne stopped when wrinkles start? I digress.) Acne can also be absolutely devastating. Dermaspace is a popular option for individuals struggling with acne. 

4. Yes, You are one degree away from celebrity.

 The waiting room. I told you it was swanky. And Jody hand-painted the stencil. With this level of precision, you know he's looking closely at your skin.

Jody started out cleansing faces for big name celebrities like Cindy Crawford and once counted Anne Heche, Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta Jones and Sophia Coppala as clients. If you like experiencing the top of the line, this is your chance. 

5. Because you like to win.

After three sessions at the swanky Dermaspace location, I found myself overwhelmed by what I'd learned about skincare and the Iderm treatment. As happens to me from time to time, I get so enthusiastic about sharing information with you, Dear Reader, that there is simply too much for one post. Solution? How about an entertaining and informative quiz? Test your skincare knowledge and any assumptions you might have about this unconventional approach to skincare by taking this quiz. I made it just for you.

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