Everything You Wish Your Glamorous Grandmother Told You About Skin

Sharpen your #2 pencil and test your skincare and electrotherapy knowledge with the following quiz

Dermaspace owner Jody Leon's knowledge was just too much for one blog post. Here's just a small sample of what I learned from Jody during my Iderm treatments. Go!

1. What simple step will ensure that more moisture gets into your skin when you moisturize or apply serums?
2. Let’s talk about your morning routine. Each morning you should do the following (in this order) prior to applying moisturizer and sunscreen.
3. How do you know what is the ideal amount of sunscreen on your face neck and back of your neck every day?
4. How many times per week should you exfoliate?
5. What’s the best anti-aging product?
6. What two shows have featured the Iderm treatment?
7. The Iderm treatment uses a low level electrical current to ionize vitamin and mineral rich solutions into the client’s tissue. In what year was the Iderm treatment invented?
8. As part of the preparation for the Iderm treatment, the face will be cleansed using a natural ingredient. To do this, it will be wrapped in fabric soaked in extract from what natural product?
9. During the Iderm treatment, expect to sit under a 60 watt vinyl heat dome after cleaning. What’s the purpose of using the vinyl heat dome?
10. Currently, Dermaspace’s clients range in age from: