The One Piece that Saves You Money & Heartache

 Steve Madden Mixed Metallica Tri Tone Glitter Oval chandelier drop earrings. Amazon. $24.

How many times have you put the final touches on your outfit only to discover that your shoes don't match your jewelry? Or, the buttons on your coat are gold while the buckle on your shoes is silver? Perhaps your wedding ring is white gold but you really want to wear your new yellow gold bracelet?

I would venture to say more than once.

A client sent me a text the other day asking about this issue and how to solve it. 


Is it a Fashion Faux Paux to Wear Gold with Silver?

In two words, sort of. One simple purchase will ensure that you look put-together and save cash. 

Your Mixed Metal Solution

Every woman needs a mixed metal accessory to save the day. And, you only need one. So, choose your favorite. 

1. A handbag.

Personally, I'm a big fan on the silver and gold clutch. A handbag is a sophisticated way to put the final touches on your outfit. If your shoes have a gold buckle and you are wearing a silver necklace, you can rock that look simply by adding a handbag that includes both metals. I'm a big fan of this for cocktail parties or weddings. Not sure how to carry your drink and your clutch while giving hugs and kisses? Check out my post on the subject.

 KC Malhan Sazou gold silver clutch. Blue Fly. $58.

2. A watch.

The downside to using your handbag to complete your look is that you are likely not always carrying it. Therefore, if you set your bag down, your outfit goes down with it. A watch, however, can be worn every day with everything. It's practical and a high quality watch elevates your ensemble. I wear a men's watch because I like the masculine touch. Most of my other pieces are more on the feminine side and this offers a nice counterbalance. Consider visiting Nordstrom Rack or other discount retailers to find a name brand watch for a lower price. At the Rack, they'll also remove the links for you free of charge.

 Kate Spade New York Metro Odometer watch. Shopbop. $175.

3. A necklace or bracelet.

Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet or both is really up to you, your personal style and your body type. I prefer these two rather than earrings because they are more obvious. If you have small studs in your ears that technically have gold and silver in them, they won't do the job. However, if you opt for bolder earrings, mixed metal earrings are an effective way to coordinate your pieces.

 Fremada 14K Tri color gold over sterling silver popcorn necklace. $12.59.  .

4. Shoes.

The summer is the ideal time for mixed metal sandals. Flat sandals can dress up any outfit when they are metallic. And, finding a pair that offers more than one color makes getting dressed that much easier. Most retailers allow you to filter online by color, so be sure to select, "silver" and "gold" when searching online. 

 Marni sandals. Was: $494 Now: $336.

If you prefer rose gold, copper, etc., all of the same strategies apply. Simply look for pieces that combine the two types of metal that you most frequently wear. Or, if you'd like to start wearing gold more, for instance, this is a nice gateway into a new approach.

Life is too short to only wear one metal every day. Break out of your shell without breaking the bank. Let me know how it goes!

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