Normcore. I've been Trying to Avoid it, but.....

 Nike Dri FIT Cushion crew training socks. Nike Store. $22.

A number of months ago I started hearing about Normcore. Chatter on the inter web turned into real media attention and an official trend. We can thank the good people at New York Magazine (one of my VERY favorite mags, by the way) for updating the rest of us earlier this year. Opening up the newest issue of Lucky today, I see that Normcore is now a topic for Main Stream America.

With that in mind, I feel obligated to give this trend some attention, though, truthfully, I'd prefer to give it as little attention as possible. However, my first obligation is to you, Dear Reader, so it's important that you can discuss Normcore at a dinner party or the office and sound like you know what you are talking about. 

 NINA Fluro Jelly Sandals. Topshop. $45. Just to be clear. I'm not telling you not to wear the heels with socks trend, just not those socks with these heels.

Normcore: It's SO Uncool, it's Cool.

That's it. By so uncool, I mean SO uncool. 

Think open toed heels with branded Nike sweat socks. Um, yeah. Or, how about crazy branded sweatshirts from media conglomerates like Coke and Pepsi with cut off shorts. 

 Novelty Got What it Takes Tee. JCPenney. Was: $12 Now: $9.99.

You might think you are confusing Normcore with just unattractive, sloppy choices. You are not confused. That's pretty much it. After all my years of trying to help Seattleites see past Danskos and embrace lipstick, you must see my concern.

So, if it's so awful, who can do it? 

The ultra hip. The really beautiful. The overly confident. The people who take their good looks for granted and those who love them. 

If you are one of those people, and I am certain that some of you are, then, I guess, maybe, I can kind of sort of let it slide. Um, nope. I guess I can't. And that means it's not so ideal for the rest of us either. 

So, please, do your part. Understand Normcore, talk about it, research it, whatever. Just please keep your efforts to live it to a minimum. 

Much gratitude, 

Your Personal Stylist who only wants the very best for you, really. 


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