Seattle Sunday: Coffee & Creativity at Drygoods Design

 Drygoods Design. 5308 Ballard Avenue NW, Studio 1, Seattle, WA 98107

I love to sew. Am I good at it? Not so much. But, I love it. I love the prints on fabrics and the endless possibilities. A great fabric store is an incredibly inspirational place. 

For those of you who sew or just like to make things, there's a magical land in Ballard just for you, Drygoods Design. What if you don't sew, you don't make things and you just love clothes? Not to worry. This magical land will also bring you much joy. Let me explain.

But first, let me say that I realize this post is a little unusual for me. However, on a recent photo shoot at Drygoods, everyone kept getting distracted by the thoughtfully chosen items throughout the space and I just couldn't keep it to myself. So, here we go!

Drygoods Design: 3 Reasons you MUST visit.

1. Coffee (or perhaps a beer)

Who are we kidding? Whether or not you sew, you live in Seattle and that means you love a good coffee shop. In order to get to Drygoods, you must enter through Anchored Ship Coffee. How perfect is that? Start your trip off with a coffee, a sparkling water or even a Rainier beer and ease your way into creativity. Anchored Ship also participates in the Ballard Art Walk, so there is bound to be art on the wall for you to enjoy.

2. Goods.

If you love fashion, there's a chance you love prints, colors or accessories intended to amp up your personal style. Cards, pencils, craft supplies, anyone? Think Pinterest in real life. Or, if you prefer, the website will do. It's a tiny place filled with much goodness.

 The sewing studio.

3. Learning.

The last couple of years our city has been blessed with work spaces for makers. After all, if you live in a studio apartment, there isn't much room to spread out your latest project. At our house, we have what should be plenty of space for three. As it turns out when you add in photography, fashion, cooking and so on, finding a place to sprawl out isn't as easy as it sounds. So I'm especially fond of the sewing room at Drygoods. Even better, they teach classes. So, if it turns out what you lack in skills you make up for in ambition, the good people at Drygoods will help.


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