Welcome the Neu Year with good design, possibly for free

Things I love: organization and good design. I spend most of the time on the blog focusing on clothing, but style is also expressed through the items with which we surround ourselves. So, when we needed a new calendar for our office, it had to be hip with lots of room to actually document daily activities and be VERY large. 

To my surprise this was incredibly difficult to find. Enter: NeuYear.

 NeuYear 2014 Calendar. Dry Erase or Paper. 27

The moment we saw this one, we knew. It's available in paper or dry erase. It's crazy big- 27" x 39" and is all style all the time. Created by a designer and an entrepreneur, these two design gurus went on a similar journey for the perfect calendar. When they couldn't find one, they launched a Kickstarter campaign and created one themselves. Check out their video for more details. 

As you know, Dear Reader, I tend to focus on Seattle brands; but this was too good to pass up. Here's a little taste of Atlanta in the form of a crazy hip and functional calendar. 

A huge thanks to Jesse at NeuYear who has offered one up to one of our readers.

Welcome the New Year by entering to win a calendar courtesy of NeuYear.net.

Just like Poplin on Facebook, sign up for Poplin emails or comment on this post. Our winner will be announced tomorrow, January 2nd, 2014. 

Happy Neu Year!