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Your Bra Can Change a Life. Free the Girls!

I originally wrote this post over a year ago. During this week's Styling Session for homeless and formerly homeless youth at YouthCare, we had a wave of young women asking questions about bras. We measured a few of them, helped several find bras and discussed fit throughout the process. These are things your mom or another significant woman in your life usually helps you with. It was really an honor to have these young women feel open to having us help with such a sensitive topic. I wish I could show you, Dear Reader, the look on one of the women's faces when she realized that SHE would be leaving with three NEW bras. I liken it to Christmas morning.

Because of all of this, I'm opting to share this info again. After all, every woman deserves a bra that fits. And, if you have some lying around at home that are ready to be donated, you'll be glad to know where to send them. Enjoy!

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