By Popular Demand: Two New Poplin Style Packages

As a personal stylist, I get to do a whole lot of listening. I learn so much from my clients. From their favorite brands to new apps and even summer camps for the kids. I’ve been listening for six years now and I’ve had a few requests repeatedly over time. Lately, they’ve been coming up regularly, so we’re adding two new packages to meet the unique needs of Poplin clients. We’re very excited to kick these off. Remember that Poplin services are the same price per hour regardless of service. So, if you decide to mix things up halfway through, that’s just fine. It’s all about what makes your life easier and helps you look and feel your best. Enjoy!

It’s all about you…. you with backup. (Photo by  Chamonix Browne . Hair and Makeup by  Jessica Rockwell .)

It’s all about you…. you with backup. (Photo by Chamonix Browne. Hair and Makeup by Jessica Rockwell.)

Introducing Two New Style Packages

  1. Absolute 360 Package

    For those of you who want help throughout the year, this is the style package for you. Our best selling Style 360 Package sets you up for success. The Absolute 360 Package includes all your favorites from the Style 360 (Password protected online personal profile, Closet Edit, Shopping or Uber Wishlist, Styling or Tailoring or an 8-10 item wishlist and Outfit Creation. Instead of wrapping things up, the Absolute 360 gives you seasonal refreshes throughout the year.

    Full-service personal styling throughout the year

    This comprehensive offering educates, inspires and prepares you to harness your unique style, no matter what the season or occasion and helps you strategically refresh throughout your first year of your new elevated style.

    • Introductory style consultation

    • Personalized online style plan

    • Collaborative in-home closet analysis

    • Two seasonal opportunities to choose between a guided shopping excursion or a personalized online Uber Wishlist

    • Two seasonal opportunities to choose one of the following: a 1.5 hour styling session with Poplin and a tailor, a 1.5 hour styling session without a tailor or a 10 item wishlist

    • Two seasonal outfit strategy and documentation sessions

    • Two seasonal mini updates throughout the year. Choose from: 8-10 item wishlist including key pieces for the seasons you are not shopping, or 1.5 hours with a tailor or 1.5 hours styling without a tailor

    • 20 minute FaceTime call one month after wrap up to touch base on your style.

    • An example of this package is:

      • Fall- closet edit, shopping trip or Uber Wishlist, tailoring session, outfit session

      • Winter- 8-10 item wishlist or 1.5 hours styling

      • Spring- shopping trip or Uber Wishlist, tailoring session, outfit session

      • Summer- 8-10 item wishlist or 1.5 hours of styling, 20 minute FaceTime call

    • A total of 27 hours dedicated to developing your style (each additional hour $160)


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  2. Virtual Styling

    Yes! We already have virtual styling for existing clients. 30 minutes or an hour of FaceTime to answer burning questions, offer advice on pairing new pieces you’ve picked up on your own or any other ways we can help.

    Now, Poplin clients can request virtual styling via email. This means you can save cash and still get lots of great advice that’s specific to you. Want suggestions on how to pair those new pants? Or if your dress is appropriate for an upcoming event. Virtual Styling is here.

    Virtual Styling

    Whether you are asking for style advice for your overall wardrobe or tonight’s outfit, sometimes 30 minutes is all it takes. Schedule a time to meet via FaceTime or Skype to ask your burning questions or talk through ideas. Subscribe bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annually and save. Or simply reach out when you need an 30 minute session. (Existing clients only.)

    $80 for a 30 minute session or subscribe for the year and receive 10% off

    $40 for an email w/ ideas on how to pair your 1-2 piece(s)
    Existing clients only

    If you are looking for other specific services, please let us know. Once a client, always a client. Let’s make sure you have what you need to make your life easy without compromising your style.

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